Photo: The Legendary Mbah Lindu

Gudeg is a traditional cuisine from the city of Yogyakarta. Gudeg is a slow cooking spiced young jackfruit which is being cooked in the claypot for hours.  Gudeg is normally being served for breakfast with white rice and chicken. Hence, as a traditional food, you can find gudeg in every street corner. One of those seller is Setyo Utomo who is also known as Mbah Lindu. Many believe that Mbah Lindu is the eldest gudeg maker in the town.

Unlike many elderly people who choose to stay at home and take rest, Mbah Lindu choose to continue working at her old age by cooking and selling gudeg.


The 96 years old lady has been cooking and selling gudeg since the 40s before the Japanese troops occupied Indonesia in 1942


Everyday, the mother of five would make 15 kg of gudeg along with other dishes such as areh and sambel goreng krecek which then would be sold in the following day at her street stall in Jalan Sosrowijayan. Her stall opens from 5 a.m to 10 a.m . She is normally being assisted by her youngest daughter Ratiah who acts as a cashier.


Mbah Lindu mentioned that she decided to continue selling gudeg at her old age because she feels healthier for being active. For her, age is just a number. It does not stop her tough yet hard working spirit from working on daily basis. Clearly, she does what she loves, cooking and selling gudeg.

Therefore, if you happen to visit Yogyakarta, you must try gudeg especially gudeg Mbah Lindu. Mbah Lindu stall is located in Jalan Sosrowijayan in Malioboro area.
I personally like it because it is not very sweet. Other than that, it is somewhat a different experience if you have gudeg which is made by the oldest gudeg maker in town.

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Ztreet Queen: Sidomukti Skirt

Sidomukti Skirt [2015: CP]

Sidomukti Skirt [2015: CP]

Years ago….. I used to be known as an ‘ethnic girl’ because I love wearing ethnic fashion outfit and accessories, be it necklace, earing or skirt, and that is how I called myself, ethnicgirl. However my fashion taste has been changing as time passed by. I left the ethnic girl within me and become some kind of edgy girl. Yet, I still heart some ethnic element in fashion.

I must say that I often find it hard to get something an outfit which bring together the element of ethnic and modern as one combination in fashion product. Many fashion producer might try but I think they fail or I just never like them. That is why ….  I’d always rather to purchase raw material and design it by myself or together with tailor. Why? So I can get the perfect combination of color, pattern and also unique design according to my taste. At the same time, I also could determine the quality of it.

Rocking Sidomukti Skirt [2015: CP]

Rocking Sidomukti Skirt [2015: CP]

Few months ago, I went back to my hometown, the city of Yogyakarta. There is one ritual that I always do whenever I go to Yogya, I always go to Mirota Batik in Jalan Malioboro for Batik shopping. Mirota Batik is one of the largest souvenir shop in Yogyakarta. The shop is organized, clean and has a wide variety of products with reasonable price. I got myself a couple of Batik Solo.

As soon as I returned to Jakarta, I asked a good friend of mine, who happened to be a fashion designer, to design a funky skirt for me. And this is it, Sidomukti Skirt by Dreu Lona. Look the different that she made for the front and the back of the skirt. Love it so much! Thank you Miss Naia.

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Notes: Tiring Trip To Yogyakarta

What a tiring 15 hours road trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta on Saturday?! But I’m happy that I did this trip because I could  escape from the hustle bustle of Jakarta for few days.

Anyway, this is my second road trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. I usually would prefer to take 8 hours of night executive train or an hour of flight, but this time I somehow want to take this long tiring trip. I don’t know why on earth I wanna do this.

Taking the south route from Jakarta to Cikampek – Cipularang – Bandung – Cileunyi – Rancaekek – Nagreg – Malangbong –  Ciawi – Ciamis – Banjar – Lumbir – Banyumas – Buntu – Sumpiuh – Kebumen – Kulonprogo – Purworejo – Wates – Yogyakarta.

Left Jakarta at 8 a.m, arrived in Yogyakarta at 11: 30 pm. Stopped in a couple of places for lunch and fuel. Oh what a tiring road trip?!

On my way to Yogyakarta, I saw a terrible accident of motorcycle was run by a truck somewhere in Central Java around 7 pm. It was shocking. I was shocked. But I did not want to stop to check out. My car was also close, very close run by couple of big vehicle a couple of times, truck and bus.

All those truck and bus drivers were just so crazy. They just want to get to their destination as fast as possible without thinking about their own and other people safety. Why on earth you wanna arrive in your destination an hour earlier by risking yourself?! Don’t you think about your family at home?! Jesus!

I’m not sure that I wanna take this road trip to Yogyakarta again. But who knows? I always change my mind.

I would take a north route on my way back to Jakarta as it is faster.

Ummm I got not much to say here…. My mind is not at peace. So I end my writing here.
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Photo: Lawas

My mum and my uncle were listening to the radio - nn

My mum and my uncle were listening to the radio – nn

Lawas is a Javanese word, which means old. Last week I went back to my hometown , I found a whole pile of very beautiful classic photographs from the 60-70’s at my parent’s house. Those photographs were just beautiful and each of it has its own story.

I did not know who were taking all these photographs, when was it taken exactly and what kind of camera was used. Some of them are still in good condition, some are not. But I was trying to preserve all of them by scanning it and place it new albums.

Happiness is in the air. [My parent's wedding-nn]

Happiness is in the air. [My parent’s wedding-nn]

Getting some water - nn

Getting some water – nn

My great-grandmother from my father's side- nn

My great-grandmother from my father’s side- nn

Teachers of Pugeran Catholic Elementary School [1969-nn]

Teachers of Pugeran Catholic Elementary School [1969-nn]

Male circumcision- nn

Male circumcision- nn