Photo: The Legendary Mbah Lindu

Gudeg is a traditional cuisine from the city of Yogyakarta. Gudeg is a slow cooking spiced young jackfruit which is being cooked in the claypot for hours.  Gudeg is normally being served for breakfast with white rice and chicken. Hence, as a traditional food, you can find gudeg in every street corner. One of those seller is Setyo Utomo who is also known as Mbah Lindu. Many believe that Mbah Lindu is the eldest gudeg maker in the town.

Unlike many elderly people who choose to stay at home and take rest, Mbah Lindu choose to continue working at her old age by cooking and selling gudeg.


The 96 years old lady has been cooking and selling gudeg since the 40s before the Japanese troops occupied Indonesia in 1942


Everyday, the mother of five would make 15 kg of gudeg along with other dishes such as areh and sambel goreng krecek which then would be sold in the following day at her street stall in Jalan Sosrowijayan. Her stall opens from 5 a.m to 10 a.m . She is normally being assisted by her youngest daughter Ratiah who acts as a cashier.


Mbah Lindu mentioned that she decided to continue selling gudeg at her old age because she feels healthier for being active. For her, age is just a number. It does not stop her tough yet hard working spirit from working on daily basis. Clearly, she does what she loves, cooking and selling gudeg.

Therefore, if you happen to visit Yogyakarta, you must try gudeg especially gudeg Mbah Lindu. Mbah Lindu stall is located in Jalan Sosrowijayan in Malioboro area.
I personally like it because it is not very sweet. Other than that, it is somewhat a different experience if you have gudeg which is made by the oldest gudeg maker in town.

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Photo : Flores

Timorese kids playground to enjoy the breeze and sun

The faces of Timorese kids from Ende, Flores, Nusa Tenggara

In Nanggale Village, Timorese women are making home-made salt for living

She is one of Timorese woman from Nanggale Village, who is selling home-made salt for living only for Rp 3,000 [35 cent] per kg

The first Catholic Church in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

A bunch of Timorese women are making a home-made Kain Ikat, a traditional fabric, and selling it to tourist with the range price from Rp 100,000 [11 USD] to Rp 500,000 [550 USD]

Flores is one of a beautiful tourist destination in Eastern Indonesia. It is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province. In July 2010, I visited Flores for five days with E to celebrate our second anniversary. I would say that Flores is extremely beautiful. There are no skyscraper or many vehicles around. The air is just very clean, the place is just very quiet and peaceful.

While I was in Flores, I visited number of popular tourist destination such as  Kelimutu Mountain  and First Catholic Church in Sika.  It was really such a wonderful trip. But one of the memorable moment was my tour guide took us to have dinner with local people underneath the tree. We had a very simple homemade local food such as dried fish, chili and corn rice. It was very tasty. I really had a wonderful time with them.  It is always good to be able to see the local people daily life in their small town and their hospitality to new people.

A homemade traditional dinner from Timorese Family in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

I would say that I was really satisfied with my trip to Flores and I am looking forward to do similar trip either to Eastern Indonesia or West Indonesia.

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