Notes: Losing Your Body? Nah! (1)Many people say that once a woman becomes a mother, she will lose her body, become fat and have jiggly yet flabby body especially those who has baby delivered through c-section including me. Don’t even dream to get your body back, so they say. But here I am, I prove them wrong. You can still have a well-shape body even you have many children be it through normal delivery and/or c-section.

I started getting back to my training regime at seventh weeks postpartum. I must say that I didn’t find it easy. Sometimes I got frustrated because I didn’t seem to lose any baby fat after working out for one month. Sometimes I got frustrated or even depressed because l only run at the slow pace. Sometimes I even gave up, just sat down, did no exercises for hours and just played with my phone because I felt that I did not make any progress. 

But one day, I said to myself “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just started again,” so I started to take it easy that time. I just forgot about the aesthetics result and just focused on the form of my exercise as well as my diet.

At the end, aesthetic result is not my main exercise’s goal but sanity is. As a result, I got my body back faster than I expected as you can see on the picture above. 

Ps: no whey protein is being used. It’s all natural diet.

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Notes: My Clothes, Your Clothes

Are you wearing fast fashion products either it is from Zara, Pull & Bear, H&M, Bershka and any other? How often do you buy a new outfit? And….have you ever wondered who makes your clothes, under what condition, how do they make it or where do they make it? Well, let me tell you a story.


Yesterday, my friends and I went to an interesting yet eye-opening trip. We visited one  ready made garment factories in Bangladesh. This trip gave us the opportunity to see how our clothes are manufactured from the scratch. Located 35 kilometer from Dhaka, the factory is owned and run by Beximco Group, a Bangladeshi multinational company. The company manufactures products for a wide range of clients ranging from Zara, Pull&Bear, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger to DKNY. According to its official website, currently the company’s Textile & Apparel Division employs more than 5,150 people.

Bangladesh is known as the second largest ready made garment producer after China. The industry has become one of the largest export earning contribution to the country. According to Dhaka based newspaper The Daily Star, the industry has generated export earning up to USD 28.67 billion as of December 2016. The industry hopes to increase to USD 50 billion by 2021.

SONY DSCThe Bangladesh textile and garment industry employs approximately 4 million people. Most of the workers are women. Every month, they earn approximately 7,000 to 10,000 BDT, this figure is actually slightly higher than its minimum wage which is at 5,300 BDT. According to various local media report, the worker union is demanding that the minimum wage should be increased to 16,000 BDT.


Some of you might remember the 2013 Rana Plaza incident which caused more than 1,100 killed and 2,500 injured; this incident is known as the deadliest industrial disaster ever. Since the incident, the Bangladesh’s textile and apparel industry claims that they have been making effort to improve the factory condition that meet the safety standard. Yet, as we walked around the factory and learnt about its production process, I noticed that many textile and apparel workers are exposed to high level of noise from the machines as well as chemical hazards without any protection which you can see from my pictures. This condition is feared to have a significant impact to the worker’s health. Not forget to mention that many of them spend hours to standing or sitting while doing their work. This made me wonder how much the 2013 Rana Plaza incident has really brought changes to the textile and garment’s industry in Bangladesh.

I must say that this trip has reflected upon me that despite the fact that Bangladesh has become a centre of ready-made garment manufacturing for many global fashion brands, the country is still severely underdeveloped. Additionally, workers tend to have terrible conditions while others get massive profits. Yet, without this sector millions would be unemployed.


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Catatan: Skilled Workers


I wanna see the world

Sejak melahirkan, saya belum sempat melakukan Brazilian waxing lagi. Selain takut akan rasa sakit di bagian luka operasi caesar, saya juga belum menemukam tempat yang bisa dipercaya kebersihannya di Dhaka. Ada sih tempat waxing tapi sayangnya enggak hygienic di mana mereka menggunakan satu mangkok besar dan satu butter knife untuk semua customers; belum lagi kain blacu yang dipakai sepertinya dicuci ulang -karena saya pernah lihat bulu rambut di kain blacu tersebut-. Ngeri enggak sih? Emang sih lebih ramah lingkungan karena enggak harus cuci mangkok dan buang kain berkali-kali. Tapi, gimana kalau ada salah satu customers yang punya penyakit kulit? Ya kan?

Anyway, kemarin saya baru ingat ternyata adik asisten rumah tangga saya bekerja di salon. Saat libur, dia bekerja sebagai freelancer mulai dari memijat, meni-pedi, scrubbing , eyebrow threading dan juga waxing. Dengan modal gula dan lemon untuk homemade sugar wax, baby powder dan kain blacu, akhirnya saya bisa waxing di rumah. Brazilian waxing dan half legs waxing. Cepet, bersih dan rapi.

Nah, kenapa saya cerita ini? Saya suka dengan orang-orang seperti perempuan bernama Rina ini. Dengan keterampilan yang dimilikinya, dia sangat passionate dalam melakukan pekerjaannya. Hal itu nampak ketika saya memberikan kain katun untuk waxing tetapi ternyata kain katun terlalu tipis, susah untuk angkat bulu rambut sampai ke akar-akarnya. Dia sampai kesal sendiri setiap kali mencobanya. “Huh? What happened?” katanya penasaran karena  tak satu helai rambutpun ketarik. Meskipun demikian, dia terus berusaha dan dengan cekatan, dia menyelesaikan pekerjaannya dalam satu jam saja.

Rina mengingatkan saya pada hairstylist langganan saya. Andre. Dia ‘pegang’ rambut saya dari tahun 2011. Kalau tidak sibuk, hampir setiap bulan saya ke salon. Entah untuk coloring atau haircut. Saya enggak pernah ke salon lain sejak kenal Andre. Atau Mas Boni, penjahit langganan saya di ITC Kuningan. Dia tahu bagaimana memotong batik menjadi dress tanpa mengubah motifnya. Atau Mas Otoy, anak buah Mas Boni, yang tahu bagaimana memermak pakaian tanpa merusaknya dan tetap nyaman dipakai.

Saya suka dengan orang-orang seperti ini,  mereka tak malu dengan apa yang mereka lakukan.  Selain itu, mereka make sure memberikan service yang terbaik untuk customer mereka agar mereka kembali lagi. Dengan demikian, saya sebagai customer tak rugi merogoh kocek untuk kinerja mereka bahkan tak enggak memberikan lebih.

Jujur saja, saya suka iri dengan orang-orang yang memiliki keterampilan seperti ini. Entah memotong rambut, memijat, memasak, menjahit, olah raga atau main musik. Mereka menggunakan kreativitas mereka dalam bekerja dan mereka tidak harus bekerja pada sebuah perusahaan, mereka bisa menjadi pekerja lepas di waktu tenggang misalnya dan dapat menggunakan keterampilan mereka di mana saja mereka berada.

Jadi pengen belajar menjahit..

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Notes: The Ugly Truth

LRG__DSC6436When I returned to Indonesia last October, many told me that I have gained weight. I was afraid to admit and accept the fact that I have gained weight. Why? It is because I used to be very disciplined with my diet and exercise. It is just an ugly truth for me.

Although people told me in a joking manner, hearing the ugly truth somehow made me a bit depressed that time. Even worse, as a sensitive person, somehow I felt that I was being mocked or bullied while they might not intend to mock or bully me.

Therefore, I was thinking of losing my fat in an instant way by doing some pricey treatment and went to nearby clinic. As soon as I was sitting at the clinic, the doctor offered me a various treatment, which is crazy-expensive. So I said to myself “Should I do it? But That’s not me.”

Yet, I took the cheapest treatment acupuncture on that day. But I felt so guilty because I have been always against an instant way to be skinny. In the end, what is wrong being curvy?

I forced myself to get back to my normal routine by doing my morning running, exercise and controlling my diet with the expectation that I could go be 43 kg and lean again. I mean I am still lean but I want to be leaner.

However, my personal trainer said to me that I look better now because I look healthier than before. I am fit and not fat. All I need to do is to ignore those, who have been controlled media about the perfect female body image.

At the end of the day, being healthy is more important than being skinny. Although I am 47 kg, all my extra small size clothes are still fit me well.

Notes: Marriage

ORG__DSC5067Many young people want to get married to their lover. They feel that their lover is the love of their life. It would be perfect to live together for the rest of their life. But I wonder whether they really understand what marriage is?

Well… I guess we have been indoctrinated with happily ever after Cinderella story without being shown what happens next after she got married to the prince. Who knows that they try killing each other…. ?! No?

That is why I do not like to attend a wedding party.