Notes: My Clothes, Your Clothes

Are you wearing fast fashion products either it is from Zara, Pull & Bear, H&M, Bershka and any other? How often do you buy a new outfit? And....have you ever wondered who makes your clothes, under what condition, how do they make it or where do they make it? Well, let me tell you a … Continue reading Notes: My Clothes, Your Clothes

Notes: Diane von Fürstenberg

Few years ago, I did not know who Diane von Fürstenberg is. However, now she is one of my favorite fashion designers. For me, she is very inspiring, not only as a fashion designer but also as a person, as a woman and as a fighter. But how did I get to know about DVF at … Continue reading Notes: Diane von Fürstenberg

Wardrobe: Dress For The Weather

For a slave of fashion, who come from tropical country, a.k.a myself, visiting four season region gives me a lot of imagination and/or idea about what kind of outfit that I want to wear during the fall and winter season. Whether it is what kind of coat, what kind of boots, what kini of scarf, … Continue reading Wardrobe: Dress For The Weather

Wardrobe: Sidomukti Skirt

Years ago..... I used to be known as an 'ethnic girl' because I love wearing ethnic fashion outfit and accessories, be it necklace, earing or skirt, and that is how I called myself, ethnicgirl. However my fashion taste has been changing as time passed by. I left the ethnic girl within me and become some … Continue reading Wardrobe: Sidomukti Skirt

Wardrobe: Chloe Skirt

The first time I saw this Chloe Skirt by Dreu Lona, I said to myself... "O my God! I gotta get that piece!" So I called a friend of mine, who happened to be the designer and the owner of Dreu Lona. I told her that I wanted to purchase the Chloe Skirt. Just within … Continue reading Wardrobe: Chloe Skirt

Fashion: Turquoise Lumberjack

I have never really a big fan of checked shirt but these days I am becoming one. Well, let me put this way. I am not really a big fan of checked shirt but I am a big fan of boyfriend style shirt. It is just very comfortable and easy to wear. For boyfriend shirt, … Continue reading Fashion: Turquoise Lumberjack