Notes: Marriage

ORG__DSC5067Many young people want to get married to their lover. They feel that their lover is the love of their life. It would be perfect to live together for the rest of their life. But I wonder whether they really understand what marriage is?

Well… I guess we have been indoctrinated with happily ever after Cinderella story without being shown what happens next after she got married to the prince. Who knows that they try killing each other…. ?! No?

That is why I do not like to attend a wedding party.


Notes: Attachment is Unhealthy

_DSC0412I have always said to myself that I should not or in a stronger way I must not make anyone be my source of happiness, be it my best friend or even my spouse, NO MATTER WHAT!

But strangely enough, when you were in a relationship and every single thing that you did was based on love, sometimes you had no idea how you were going to do it without that person when the relationship is over. That is what I feel sometimes. You cannot act that (s)he does not mean the world to you anymore while (s)he used to mean the world to you before.

Clearly, it shows how unhealthy attachment is, it is very addictive. Isn’t it?

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Notes: One in A Million

You're one in a million [2013: E O]

You’re one in a million [2013: E O]

When your boyfriend or girlfriend says to you that You’re one in a million. Don’t be happy about it. Sheldon Cooper said “If someone says you’re “one in a million” They’re telling you that there are 7,038 people just like you. How is this a compliment?” Ha ha ha! Smartass!

My man used to tell me this and I was always happy about it but now I realized that it was not a compliment. Lol