Notes: My Clothes, Your Clothes

Are you wearing fast fashion products either it is from Zara, Pull & Bear, H&M, Bershka and any other? How often do you buy a new outfit? And....have you ever wondered who makes your clothes, under what condition, how do they make it or where do they make it? Well, let me tell you a … Continue reading Notes: My Clothes, Your Clothes

Notes: ISIS, A Health Conscious Organization

Last January, International Business Times reported that ISIS executor was beheaded because he is a smoker. IBT wrote IS has declared smoking is a form of slow suicide. Having said that apparently ISIS is  a health conscious organization. ISIS understands well that all those scary pictures on the cigarette package seems to not make smoker afraid. Hence, ISIS … Continue reading Notes: ISIS, A Health Conscious Organization

Review: Couchsurfing

Few years ago, I was introduced to by a friend of mine, a blogger from (I was still active blogging with platform back then, too bad that it has been shut down now because I love that platform so much as I have been blogging with that platform since 2005 : ( ).  I found … Continue reading Review: Couchsurfing