Review: American Hustle

American Hustle

American Hustle

Last weekend, I watched American Hustle (2013), an American crime film about two con artists (started by Christian Bale as Irving Rosenfeld and Amy Adams as Sydney Prosser), who were caught by an FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) in loan scams. The FBI agent offered to release the two if only they were willing to help him to  investigate a dirty operation on corrupt politician in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s in USA. 

American Hustle, which won three Golden Awards, is basically a story about ambition, love, loyalty, duplicity, greediness and also corruption. Took the setting in the 1980’s, the movie appeared  pretty classy to me.  However the 138 minutes film soon become pretty boring because it moved pretty slow.

There were three parts of the movie that I like a lot

  1. Irving, who owns a laundry chain in New York and sells stolen art on the other side, met Sydney in a pool party. After Irving, who fall in love with Sydney, told the truth to her that he is a con artist; she accepted him as what he is and agreed to work together. She created a persona as Lady Edith Greensly, a British lady with a banking connection in London. Since they work together, money roll in like a water. As a con artist, Irving believes that most people (prospective clients a.k.a victims) would believe what they want to believe.
  2. It is clear to see that Sydney, who is  a former stripper, has a ambition to get out of poverty, be rich and be somebody’s else. In the middle of the movie, Sydney, who is apparently tired to be somebody’s else, said that she does not want another fake life anymore. “No more fake shit!” she screamed in tears.
  3. While Irving and Sydney  were working for the FBI agent to investigate Mayor Carmine Polito as the part of corruption circle in New Jersey. Somehow, Irving found a genuine friend in Carmine.

I would say that I am not particularly a big fans of action and/or crime film. But there are three lessons to learn from this film, which are

  1. Poverty is not good for anyone but there is always a positive way to get out of it even you would not be rich instantly. So don’t let the greediness manipulate yourself to manipulate other people for your own fortune
  2. Living a fake life is tiring
  3. It’s not easy to find a genuine friend who will accept you as you are so learn to be truthful about yourself.

So have you watched this film? What do you think about it?


Notes: Save Your Sorry

Save your sorry. One thing I don’t need is any more apologies. I got sorry greeting me at my front door. You can keep yours. I don’t know what to do with them. I’m gonna have to throw some away I can’t get to the clothes in my closet for all the sorries. I’m gonna tack a sign on my door, leave a message by the phone. If you called to say you’re sorry, call somebody else.


You were always inconsistent doing something and then being sorry. Beating my heart to death talking bout you sorry. Well I will not call, I’m not going to be nice. I will raise my voice, scream and holler, break things and race the engine and tell all your secrets bout yourself to your face. I won’t be sorry for none of it. I loved you on purpose I was open on purpose. I still crave vulnerability and loose talk. I’m not even sorry bout you being sorry. You can carry all the guilt and grime ya wanna just don’t give it to me. – Jo (For Colored Girls)
Ride the bus

Notes: I’m Blocked by Karrueche Tran

O geez… I don’t know whether I have to laugh or cry. I was just blocked by Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown ex-girl friend. Why? I think it was because I asked her some kind of ‘offensive’ question via twitter “Why Breezy chose Rihanna and dumped her?” Well, I actually did not mean to be offensive but I knew it would turn it that way somehow.

So last Thursday morning, I was randomly watching video in youtube and found this video of Karrueche made a fun of Rihanna. Based on that video, I found that Karrueche was so mean to Rihanna… So I sent her a tweet

My tweet to Karrueche on 14 March 2013

My tweet to Karrueche on 14 March 2013

Who got boyfriend? Who’s single now? Breezy chose Rih. What happened? ; ) “@karrueche Making Fun of @rihanna :

Ya! Ya! Many of us know that Rihanna was also mean toward her. Remember the rice cake tweet? In the end of the day, they both were so mean toward each other. Pssst…. I did a lot of research on their online war via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – Geez… women! Why are we cruel toward each other when it comes to love relationship. 

Anyway, after I sent the tweet to Karrueche… somehow I found that I was blocked by Karrueche as I was about going to follow her on twitter. I guess, she just wanna say ‘It ain’t nobody bidnezz’ as Breezy and Riri said it to the world.

I’m actually not a big fans of Rihanna … but I just found it interesting in some ways. Women tend to be cruel to other women when it comes to relationship.  Geez… Why am I writing about it?! It is not an important thing at all.

Sorry, you are blocked!

Sorry, you are blocked!


Frankly I actually have never really been interested with celebrity personal life gossip. I just always found it as rubbish ‘news’ and I don’t really need those kind of news. What do I need it for? Does it have any significant effect for my life? I don’t think. Hence I don’t really care about it.

So why am I even following the latest news about Riri, Breezy and Tran? Why am I even blogging about it? I don’t know.

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