Catatan: Olahraga Waktu Hamil?

Bagi beberapa-banyak orang, berolahraga saat hamil adalah ide yang sangat gila. Banyak yang khawatir bahwa olahraga dapat menyebabkan keguguran. Bahkan banyak bapak-bapak atau laki-laki kabur setiap kali melihat saya masuk ke ruangan gym dengan perut besar. Tapi apakah betul bahwa perempuan hamil enggak boleh neko-neko dan lebih baik duduk anteng dan makan sebanyak mungkin? Well, … Continue reading Catatan: Olahraga Waktu Hamil?

Notes: On Mental Health

The world marks October 10 as the World Mental Health Day. It aims to raise an awareness about mental health issue. By raising awareness about mental health, people who have mental health problem could get help as soon as possible because they are aware that they have a problem. And I know very well how … Continue reading Notes: On Mental Health

Notes: The Ugly Truth

When I returned to Indonesia last October, many told me that I have gained weight. I was afraid to admit and accept the fact that I have gained weight. Why? It is because I used to be very discipline with my diet and exercise. It is just an ugly truth for me. Although people told … Continue reading Notes: The Ugly Truth

Notes: Health-Conscious Society

I noticed that the Indonesian culinary industry has been growing rapidly in these last five years. All the food look super duper delicious, it is affordable and has a wide variety of choice. But who could guarantee that those food are healthy food?!  Interestingly enough with the growth of culinary industry and the increase of … Continue reading Notes: Health-Conscious Society

Notes: Jogging on Jakarta’s Road

In these past few months, I have been enjoying my new morning routine, which is an early morning jogging on the road.  What? An early morning jogging on the road in Jakarta? Really?! Yes! I do an early morning jogging on the road in Jakarta, one of the most polluted city in the world. I … Continue reading Notes: Jogging on Jakarta’s Road

Notes: Banana Strawberry Lassi

In these last few days, I have been making this healthy yet yummy banana strawberry lassi for my breakfast. It is very refreshing and very easy to be made. Give this recipe a try! Ingredient: 9 ripe of strawberry 1 ripe of banana 1 cup of low fat yogurt 1 glass of soy milk Methods: … Continue reading Notes: Banana Strawberry Lassi