Wardrobe: Warm Sunday

Sunday Service's Outfit [2014: Chacky]

Sunday Service’s Outfit [2014: Chacky]

Hi readers…. it’s Sunday again! The weather has not been really friendly to the Jakartans in these last few days. It has been raining heavily nearly every night. Just like early last year, Jakarta is flooding again. Thankfully I am living in Southern Jakarta, where the heavy rain rarely caused flood in these area.

Despite the fact it was dark yet cloudy, I tried to have fun on Sunday by going to church and lunch with my Heirwid and Chacky. You might ask yourself “What kind of fun does she have in the church? Have fun in the church? That sounds weird!”

Well if you watched Sex and The City sit-com, you might still remember what Carrie said about church and fashion when she saw Mr. Big at the church with his mom.

She said “As I watched people leaving church, I was amazed at how they looked. Valentino, Escada, Oscar de la Renta. What is it about God and fashion that go so well together?And suddenly, there he was wearing Armani on Sunday.

So here I was wearing something  quite different today. I wore something, which is elegantly warm and sexy (at least that’s what I think). Somehow I love the look of myself.

Honestly I haven’t been taking care of myself since November because of stress. I got some complaints from some of my friends that I didn’t look well because I didn’t take care myself well, didn’t cut my hair or even facial. And here I am getting back on my feet again. What do you think?

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Wardrobe: Tripping

Tripping [2013: E R]

Tripping [2013: E R]

Last week, I went to my hometown, the city of Yogyakarta for three days.  Yogyakarta is one of popular tourist destination in Indonesia. It is also known as a student city and cultural city with relatively simple yet slow-paced lifestyle.

Therefore whenever I am there, I like to dress casually with short, tank top and sandal as it is not such a good place to walk around in high heels or fancy shoes.

So here I was wearing a simple tank top, classic short denim, canvas handbag, slipper and handmade hairband from a local art showroom in Prawirotaman.

Have a fabulous weekend readers…
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