Notes: A Conscious Consumer 

I don't know exactly how many clothes I have been purchasing in these last ten years. It must be hundreds or could have been thousands. And where are those clothes now? Most of them have been donated, given out or thrown away. Why? Those were either already washed out, destroyed or simply out of trend. … Continue reading Notes: A Conscious Consumer 

Notes: Diane von Fürstenberg

Few years ago, I did not know who Diane von Fürstenberg is. However, now she is one of my favorite fashion designers. For me, she is very inspiring, not only as a fashion designer but also as a person, as a woman and as a fighter. But how did I get to know about DVF at … Continue reading Notes: Diane von Fürstenberg

Wardrobe: Dress For The Weather

For a slave of fashion, who come from tropical country, a.k.a myself, visiting four season region gives me a lot of imagination and/or idea about what kind of outfit that I want to wear during the fall and winter season. Whether it is what kind of coat, what kind of boots, what kini of scarf, … Continue reading Wardrobe: Dress For The Weather

Wardrobe: Sidomukti Skirt

Years ago..... I used to be known as an 'ethnic girl' because I love wearing ethnic fashion outfit and accessories, be it necklace, earing or skirt, and that is how I called myself, ethnicgirl. However my fashion taste has been changing as time passed by. I left the ethnic girl within me and become some … Continue reading Wardrobe: Sidomukti Skirt

Wardrobe: Warm Sunday

Hi readers…. it's Sunday again! The weather has not been really friendly to the Jakartans in these last few days. It has been raining heavily nearly every night. Just like early last year, Jakarta is flooding again. Thankfully I am living in Southern Jakarta, where the heavy rain rarely caused flood in these area. Despite … Continue reading Wardrobe: Warm Sunday

Fashion: Turquoise Lumberjack

I have never really a big fan of checked shirt but these days I am becoming one. Well, let me put this way. I am not really a big fan of checked shirt but I am a big fan of boyfriend style shirt. It is just very comfortable and easy to wear. For boyfriend shirt, … Continue reading Fashion: Turquoise Lumberjack

Wardrobe: Tripping

Last week, I went to my hometown, the city of Yogyakarta for three days.  Yogyakarta is one of popular tourist destination in Indonesia. It is also known as a student city and cultural city with relatively simple yet slow-paced lifestyle. Therefore whenever I am there, I like to dress casually with short, tank top and … Continue reading Wardrobe: Tripping