Notes: ID-BD LNG Trade

When I arrived in Dhaka for the very first time, I often wonder what kind of trade relation #Indonesia and #Bangladesh have? This question came across to me because there is no direct flight between Dhaka-Jakarta which could mean that the traffic is not busy meanwhile Dhaka-Kuala Lumpur and Dhaka-Singapore seem to always be busy. … Continue reading Notes: ID-BD LNG Trade

Notes: A Conscious Consumer 

I don't know exactly how many clothes I have been purchasing in these last ten years. It must be hundreds or could have been thousands. And where are those clothes now? Most of them have been donated, given out or thrown away. Why? Those were either already washed out, destroyed or simply out of trend. … Continue reading Notes: A Conscious Consumer 

Jakarta: A Father, A Janitor and A Scavenger 

When I returned to Jakarta from Canada, I just realized how polluted Jakarta's air is. This condition has made me thinking twice about my morning routine of doing street running on daily basis. However, instead of discontinue my morning routine, I decided to run very early. Normally I do it at 4 a.m. It might sound … Continue reading Jakarta: A Father, A Janitor and A Scavenger