Notes: Judge Me

ORG__DSC6299When people judge me as a gold digger, heaux or even slut because I wrote book titled ‘Bule Hunter’ and talked about s.e.x. in some chapter, -which is part of the reality of life but some people are too afraid/ hypocrite to talk about it openly- I actually don’t really care. 

If you wanna say those things about me, it’s fine. Say it. Perhaps I was-am a few of those things, perhaps I have done things in my life that I am not so proud of. I am not a saint. But one thing that we have to understand that the good and the bad always come together as one package. Just saying tho 

Indonesia: First Lady vs Myself Part II

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And... I was blocked by the Indonesia's First Lady [2014: E O]

And… I was blocked by the Indonesia’s First Lady [2014: E O]

Ayo… I just want to post a very short blog and interesting one about Indonesia’s First Lady Ani Yudhoyono. Many of you might have noticed that the Indonesia’s First Lady is a drama queen and could not handle any “negative” comment or criticism from her followers in Instagram.

Her actions in Instagram have made headline in media for number of occasions simply because she could not deal with any “negative” comment or criticism. Once I experienced it by myself when I made comment about her burberry scarf and she was overly defensive about herself.

Oh well even though she is the Indonesia’s First Lady, it doesn’t mean that she is correct, always right and never made any mistake at all. So here I was today, sent a simple comment about the picture that she posted yesterday. In that photo, the caption said “Byeee as well…” so I replied “Mana ada Byeeee as well Bu @Aniyudhoyono”. My English might not be  as good as I expected but come on… it’s Indonesia’s First Lady or her staff…. They should know better.

“Byeee as well” Ibu Ani (team) said [2014:E O]

Anyway, just within 2 minutes, I checked her instagram again and guess what? I was BLOCKED by her! What does that mean? It means that Ibu Ani has recognised all my “negative” comments and got irritated with them all. So in order to avoid the chronicle stressed, she or her team decided to block me.

I would consider her action as an achievement for me. It seems to me that she is ANI-CRITICISM! Well… well… well!  It’s not surprising for me as well as for many Indonesian citizens to see her silly action.  I guess she shouldn’t be in social media at all!

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