Notes: A Conscious Consumer 


Those make me horny! [2013: Oktofani]

I don’t know exactly how many clothes I have been purchasing in these last ten years. It must be hundreds or could have been thousands. And where are those clothes now? Most of them have been donated, given out or thrown away. Why? Those were either already washed out, destroyed or simply out of trend. Well you know…I was one of those consumers who “see now, buys now” but I have been trying to change to be a conscious consumer in the past few years now. Why? Here is my story
Back in 2011, I had an interesting conversation with the domestic assistant who worked in my apartment in Jakarta. She told me that she used to work in a garment factory. She also mentioned about her workload, about her salary as well as a heartbreaking incident story where she was pregnant but unfortunately she had a miscarriage when she worked over-time in the factory. She lost her baby. I am not sure whether it was work-related or not. Since then, she decided to leave her job in the garment factory and worked as a domestic assistant in South Jakarta.

A few months later, I went to Canada for Christmas. I went for Christmas shopping in several shops including GAP, Zara and Timberland. As I was checking on the price tag, I found out that those products are made in Indonesia and the price was high. I must say that I was slightly shocked. Why? It was because I remembered my conversation with the domestic assistant of mine. “Wow! This is crazy! Why would I purchase this while the labour is not getting paid fairly,” So I walked away and entered other shops? Again, I found many apparels is made in Indonesia. I then decided to look on the Internet.

As I looked on the internet, apparently many garment and footwear products which are distributed and sold in North America are made in Indonesia or China. Although it got me proud to see those products are made in Indonesia, it somehow got me upset because many labours who made these products only earning peanuts. I understand that other costs are also added but still, it got me sad. I decided to not purchase any that time.

Those events actually change the way I consume garment products.
Do I stop buying clothes? Not yet!
So how? I start to buy less and less.
Why? It is because I don’t need it. If I feel that I want or need new clothes, I tend to have it made. At least, I know who makes my clothes and pay accordingly. Alternatively, I will get clothes from local designers who are transparent about its supply chain. Or sometimes, I purchase pre-loved collection which is still pristine. Otherwise, I only purchase new clothes in a couple of occasion in one year. Not just that, I am also pretty picky about the brand. I tend to look for information regarding how ethical the company is. Although I must admit that we cannot really trust those report 100%. Most importantly, I refuse to pay at full price. Why? If a brand can sell their products with 70% discount, it means that a brand still makes a profit from that price and I don’t want to get ripped off 🙂. Hence, it is very important for me to keep myself fit so I don’t have to purchase new clothes simply because it does not fit me any longer.

Other than that, these days, if I go out purchasing clothes, it must be for my seven months old baby boy. Yet, I don’t purchase it simply because it looks cute so I want to buy many but simply as we need it. For me, this is my way to train myself to be a conscious customer. It is not only good for the environment but also for my saving. As you can imagine, how much money I have been spending on clothes which are eventually not being worn and forgotten or thrown away.

In the end, I believe that the way the consumers consume garment products can eventually force the company to be more ethical in producing their products where it should be good for the society as well as the environment.

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Fashion: Turquoise Lumberjack

Turquoise Lumberjack [2013: E R]

Turquoise Lumberjack [2013: E R]

I have never really a big fan of checked shirt but these days I am becoming one. Well, let me put this way. I am not really a big fan of checked shirt but I am a big fan of boyfriend style shirt. It is just very comfortable and easy to wear. For boyfriend shirt, I prefer to combine it with short jeans and high heels or feminine flat shoes.

The idea of boyfriend fashion is all about wearing clothes that look a size too big for the wearer. But whenever I am wearing a boyfriend shirt, I always roll up the sleeves hence it gives the feminine look.

Anyway, what do you think about my new shaved head? Have a great day readers!

Check shirt by Levi’s * White spiked flat shoes by Christian Louboutin * Shade by Gucci * Neon handbag by L.A.M.B * Short by Armani Exchange 


Rule 22 :Dress like today is important

Dress like today is important [2012: C P]

Dress like today is important [2012: C P]

I love fashion, I love clothes. It is a must for me to make myself feel good about myself as it will make me work faster.

Once I read a book “The Rule Of Life” by Richard Templar. He said that Rule 22 is Dress like today is important. He also said that people will react differently to you if you dress as it matters. That is so true and I just totally agree with what he said.

Other than it makes me feel good and motivated me to work faster, I just really enjoy how good it feels when people appreciated you because you also appreciate yourself by dressing well.

Tank Top by DKNY Jeans * Jeans by Armani Exchange * Wedges Sandal by Bruno Premi * Handbag by DKNY * Glasses by Dior Homme * Stud earrings by Swarovski * Watch by Ted Baker