Just another bloggers. I am trying to speak my mind about anything that interests me or matters to me



13 responses to “About

  1. Anggun

    Follow it, definitely! Salam kenal, suka sekali tulisan-tulisannya 🙂

  2. keep on writing ! Nice 2 know u …

  3. after reading your articles, I stopped in “about” and immeditely clicked “follow”.
    Somehow I feel like seeing myself in your writings. Speechless.


    • Hi “Cinderella Wears Converse”, I was surprised to get a bomb like on my blog since last night (it is early morning in Toronto, Canada) and I was wondering who you are. I checked your blog and it seems that you like blogging also. Keep writing girl…. I am glad that you enjoy my blog :-).


  4. Ririn Ruby

    Hai Fani! Salam kenal dari Malaysia. Nice posts & very interesting blog! 😊

  5. Alexander Yaku

    Hi Fani, bukux baru aku baca, tidak lengkap kalau pria indonesia pemburu bule tidak diceritakan. AXY Manokwari West Papua

  6. Fee

    Perdana mampir….blogwalking. Salam kenal, mba…baca-baca dulu, ya…:)

  7. Halo mba Fani, aku sering baca-baca tweet-nya mba pake hestek bulehunter hehehe… pingin cepet-cepet beli baca bukunya deh, penasaran mampus gueee 😀 😛

    Salam kenal yaa mbaa 🙂

    P.S : aku udah order via e-mail hehehe

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