Notes: Kamal Fit

Kamal is a self-taught fitness trainer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He began his fitness journey when he was 12 years old. Inspired by Hollywood movies stars, he fell in love with the fitness world. The 12 years old Kamal decided to hit the local gym and train himself. “That time, there were not so many fitness centres around where I am from. There was one but it was pricey. So, I preferred to use my pocket money to pay the gym membership than buy myself food,” Kamal reminisced.

Subsequently graduated from high school in the city of Ashulia, Kamal decided to make his hobby into a career and moved to Dhaka. Today, he has been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years and working for a number of fitness centres in Dhaka as well as providing personal training services for both individuals and companies.

As a fitness trainer, Kamal has been creating fitness program according to the client’s needs. For, the father of two young daughters, fitness goals cannot only be achieved through exercise for hours in the gym only but also through our lifestyle including out daily diet, nutrition intake and water consumption. Interestingly enough, he views that fitness and a healthy lifestyle should not be exclusive for those who can sign up for a gym membership. It should be able to be done anywhere, at your home, by the sidewalk or in the park. Health is for all.

For that reason, Kamal has been teaching himself various fitness routines from bodyweight training, circuit training, callisthenics, martial art, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), CrossFit as well as basic yoga and meditation. Not only he learnt those so he can train his clients but also for his own health. “If I do not practice it myself, how will I train my clients properly? As for me, watching online video is not enough, I must practice it be it by myself or with other people who have more experience than me, so I know how to do it in the correct form. That way, I can ensure that my clients will not injure themselves. Exercise must be enjoyable, not painful. It takes a process to make progress.” He explained. That is to say, Kamal strongly believes that your health is your wealth. It is not only for your physical health but also mental health. Be active, be fit with Kamal Fit.

For more queries, you can contact Kamal or  follow his Instagram and likes his facebook page Kamal Fit (

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