Notes: I Am A Human

www.catatanfani.comWhat’s the different between you and me? The gender? The skin color? The sexual orientation? The race? The ethnicity? The religion? The social status? The nationality? Or … what? Does it really matter? Nah! At least for me, I don’t care about all of those above because most of them are the products of social construction. At the end, we are all human and we bleed the same color of blood. Yet, I hate being identified based on those. So few days ago, I helped a friend of mine who was attempted to commit suicide. I looked for his addresses to go there and prevented him to do so. Surprisingly, they were being unhelpful.

Long story short, I got his address and took him to hospital for medical observation. Interestingly enough, as I informed his company that their staff was okay, I was shouted at “Why you did not  return to our company? Why you stayed there? I don’t care what happened to X, I am more concerned about your safety because you are our customer!” Which I appreciated it- the fact he was concerned about my safety. Yet, this person might die so I went to hospital instead.

X is a liar! I know because  I’m Bangladeshi and u r foreigner!” He continued to shout at me over the phone. I was shocked & upset. Yes, I’m a foreigner. So what? Is foreigner not allowed to help the local? Why? I stood there motionless.

This is not the first time it happened to me since I moved to Bangladesh in 2016. A few weeks ago, a young lady from Bangladesh said that I am just an Asian woman. I said to myself “Haaa that’s so funny! Just  because you are an American passport holder, it doesn’t mean that u r less Asian or more human than me! And be you Asian, American, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, man, woman, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever actually doesn’t matter to me! What matters to me is that I am a HUMAN!”

I hate being classified or identified based on the product of social construction. I am a human. I will treat other with respect the way I wanna be treated. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same perspective. Even a friend said to me “Fani, you are a kind person. But this is Bangladesh! People won’t understand that!” .

For me, being kind must be done everywhere as it is about human value, about love to one to another. At the end, I prefer to be taken for granted than do something wrong.

Ride the bus

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