Notes: Respect (1)

Sometimes we think that women are very vulnerable. Sometimes, we also think that women or wives always become the victims of domestic violence at all the times. But I guess we are wrong and ignore the fact that men or husband can also be the victims of domestic violence. Sadly, this circumstance is hardly being discussed by the society until somebody is being badly injured or killed. Yet, society will continue to blame a man for being weak for letting a woman abused him. Meanwhile, some men just refused to hurt the women and tried to remain respectful.

Argument or disagreement is common in every relationship but I always believe that no matter what happened in your relationship or marriage, raising your hand to your partner is never fine. No matter how angry you are, being respectful is important especially when children are around.

Showing the basic of human right is important and respect is one of them. Respect is also beginning of safe relationship, not just to your partner but also society.

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