Notes: ID-BD LNG Trade

When I arrived in Dhaka for the very first time, I often wonder what kind of trade relation #Indonesia and #Bangladesh have? This question came across to me because there is no direct flight between Dhaka-Jakarta which could mean that the traffic is not busy meanwhile Dhaka-Kuala Lumpur and Dhaka-Singapore seem to always be busy.

As I asked around and surfed the internet, I found that the Indonesia’s state-owned train manufacturer has been involved in supplying train carriage to Bangladesh since 2006. Of course, that makes me proud as Indonesian. However, as I surfed the internet yesterday, I found an interesting article titled “Indonesia unlikely to need imported LNG until 2020 as output to rise“.

The Reuters article somehow gives me another clue that there is more than a train carriage’s deal between Indonesia and Bangladesh as this article states “Puja suggested those supplies could be redirected to other LNG buyers in Asia, particularly Bangladesh.” It gets me thinking how much natural gas’s deposit Bangladesh have, why Indonesia considers Bangladesh as one of its LNG buyers in Asia and most importantly who will be behind the deal. These questions somehow give me some homework to do for my personal projects #gettingtoknowBangladesh. 

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