Kitchen: Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk

One of my favorite chicken dish is Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk, it is a Balinese spiced roasted chicken which is served with boiled spinach water (kangkung), fried peanuts, Balinese raw chili (sambal matah) and plain white rice. I must say that I had it quite regularly when I lived in Jakarta because it is very tasty … Continue reading Kitchen: Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk

Kitchen: Veggie Egg Noodle

Noodle has always been my favorite food because it is quite light and filling at the same time. However, I must say that I am not really big fans of instant noodle. I don't deny that I eat it sometimes because they taste very good but whenever I eat instant noodle, I often feel sick … Continue reading Kitchen: Veggie Egg Noodle

Kitchen: Soto Ayam

Soto is one of Indonesian version of soup with spiced chicken or beef broth. It is normally served with hard boiled egg, rice, thin vermicelli noodle, fried shallot, chopped celery leaves, lime and sambal. There are many version of Indonesian soto, it depends on the place of origin. The differences normally can be seen through … Continue reading Kitchen: Soto Ayam