Notes: Rule #1


I am an introvert but when I live at someone else’s house, I will not lock myself in the room all the times and only come up when I am hungry. That is why I do not like staying at other people’s house even for one night because one is forced to socialize with others.

However, if I have to stay at someone’s house, I will force myself to socialize with other and take some time to help the host to do some household task because the host has been kindly hosting me.¬†Otherwise, one is considered to be very rude.


One thought on “Notes: Rule #1

  1. I used to hosting people and always ask my guest to enjoy the house and take easy to my parents or siblings. But when I stay at somebody’s place, I also find my self awkward to socialize with other family members, eventhough I am an extrovert person. Hehe.

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