Notes: Faith and Relationsh!t

I often heard people saying "I cannot marry this person because we do not have same religion" or "I cannot marry this person because (s)he doesn't wanna convert into x religion". It got me thinking and wondering what love really is. Frankly, I just do not understand when a lover asks, demands or even worse … Continue reading Notes: Faith and Relationsh!t

Notes: To Sacrifice or Not To ?

As I scrolled down my Facebook's  news feed this morning, I came across to a piece titled "I didn't realize my husband was depressed until we divorced". It was published by British media outlet Telegraph. It is a very interesting piece. Worth reading. And when I read it, I feel like deja vu. Over the … Continue reading Notes: To Sacrifice or Not To ?

Notes: Fear Nobody

The Jakarta terror attack, which occurred in Jalan MH Thamrin on Thursday (Jan. 14), was shocking for many. It occurred during the day light with the location nearby to Presidential Palace, Foreign Embassy Offices as well as government building. It was even shocking that the terror group did not only use assembled bombs to create chaos in the city but … Continue reading Notes: Fear Nobody

Notes: The Wanderer

This morning, I came across to an eye opening article written by Sridhar Pappu  titled "Meet the New York Bachelors Who Yearn for Something More" in New York Times. It was published on January 7.  As a woman, I often wonder why many men (especially good looking and successful one) stay single and just like … Continue reading Notes: The Wanderer

Notes: Belief and Money

The main reason why many Indonesian agnostic or atheist still tie themselves into religion and put it in their ID Card because annual bonus is often given during religious holiday (Eid al Fitr or Christmas). Some may  reject the concept of higher power and heaven-hell, but they will not reject a full month of pay … Continue reading Notes: Belief and Money