Notes: ISIS, A Health Conscious Organization

Last January, International Business Times reported that ISIS executor was beheaded because he is a smoker. IBT wrote IS has declared smoking is a form of slow suicide. Having said that apparently ISIS is  a health conscious organization.

ISIS understands well that all those scary pictures on the cigarette package seems to not make smoker afraid. Hence, ISIS chooses the extreme method by beheading anyone who is smoking in their territory. A very strong reminder ay?

So if you are a smoker and interested to join ISIS, please think twice before you join ISIS. ISIS will kill you first before you are able to fight or defend them.

But as a health conscious organization, what does ISIS say about the consequences of sex slavery? Does ISIS also talk about sexual and reproductive health?  Few months ago, various media reported that ISIS also executed Indonesian ISIS fighter, who allegedly spread AIDS in its territory.

Well… ISIS has to promote condom and monogamy then. Even better, ISIS must eradicate sex slavery and polygamy. Isn’t ISIS a health conscious organization? That being said, it does not mean that I support ISIS at all. In fact, I am totally against this barbaric organization.


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