Brief: Why Religious Violence Occured in Indonesia

This is an interesting analysis about the possibility of Saudi Arabia and ISIS merger. It actually reminds me of my interview with prominent scholar a year ago. We talked about who might have been financing extremist group in Indonesia.

Indonesian media outlets have been reporting about the attack and the execution of  Ahmadiyya and Shia community in these past five years. Some of them also attacked the Christian community throughout the country.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia has funded those extremist group with purpose to have many Wahabi and/or Sunni followers because the majority of Indonesia population is Islam followers. However he does not have the written evidence about it but he had a chance to see it with his own eyes.

Having said that it is good to know how the extremist got finance at the first and how the religious violence has been fabricated at the first place. The following questions are how much they get funded? Who received the money?

Sadly, religion is just a political tool to obtain as well gain power for certain group of people so they can get both financial and political benefit. Meanwhile religion actually offers a plenty of good teaching and its follower taking it seriously.  Ironic!

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