Notes: Monetize Your Genitalia? Part II

Our society glorify relationship and romance so much. So as soon as we heard about the law enforcement officer or the government made an effort to curb prostitution and it received a lot of media exposures, many people start talking about the morality behind the prostitution business scene, be it the sex worker, the customer and the pimp.

I must say that I respect those, who sell their body to provide sex service openly -regardless to fulfill their basic need or lifestyle-. It is because they are being HONEST, being REAL.

Does it mean that I support prostitution? In a way. Or let me say that I support the legalization of prostitution. But I do not encourage anyone to do so if they know they can do something else to make money. And again, I am not talking about those who are being sold by human trafficking syndicate or forced to work as sex worker by their own family or relatives, it is just two different thing. I am talking about those, who chose to do it with their own will for whatever reason they do have.

So while you are sexualy active but you cannot have sex with your real lover (if you have one) because of certain reason and you cannot find any phuck buddy to fulfill your sexual need without involving feeling and respecting each other, I think it is way better than to be with a sex worker to fulfill your sexual need. It is way better than to be with the-so-called-lover, who just want your money, play mind game and play with your heart.

Why? Because the-so-called lover usually would immidiately leave you and break your heart as soon as u have no penny left. Would you let yourself enter into an artificial relationship with a lot of drama and make you unhappy, while what you two need are money and sex? Again, there are supply and demand! PS: In case you don’t know that there are FEMALE and MALE sex workers out there, so don’t blame it on the womenfolk or being judgmental toward the womenfolk only.

Since the murder of Deudeuh Avisah Rini, who reportedly is a sex worker and offered her service online, as well as the arrest of RA, a pimp who reportedly has a network of 200 hi-class sex worker, prostitution has once again become a topic of discussion among the Indonesian netizens.

List of phone number of Indonesian celebrities, who allegedly involved in prostitution business and offered an incredibly high rate up to 200 million IDR (18,000 USD), has been going viral through the net. Many people made a fun out of it while sharing it in the social media.

According to the comments on list of Indonesian celebrities, who allegedly provide sex service, many Indonesian netizens suddenly turn to be saint and feel way better than them, who work as a sex worker and become the customer of prostitution business. Call me that I am too serious or whatever responding on this issue. I just feel that there is just something odd and ironic about it. I do not really see people talking about the health problem and the awareness of reproductive health awareness. All the discussions were about morality, money, sex and politics.

But ay… what about if the prostitution issue is actually being used to drive public opinion to cover up some dirty business among the Indonesian politicians, who want to attack each other? And we are dragged into their drama. Just like last year during 2014 Indonesian Presidential Election, the Indonesian netizens were invited to make a fun of presidential candidates.

As you might have been aware that the National Police Controversial Figure Budi Waseso, who is also the national police detective chief, made a statement that the National Police Criminal Investigation Directorate would involve in handling the the celebrity prostitution case.

At the same time, many of you might also be aware that POLRI has been ‘actively’ curbing corruption cases in the country after Budi Gunawan failed to be the National Police Chief and a number of KPK-POLRI saga. Somehow there is an indication that the customer of hi-class prostitution business, who is likely to be politician, is being targeted by the law enforcement officer for certain political purpose. Who is that? Who knows! Is it true? Time would tell.

But would we let ourselves entering into their drama and being judgmental toward sex worker and the customers, who might be happy with what they are doing? I really get bored reading all the news on hi-class and online prostitution and read the judgmental discussion about the same issue again every day in the internet. Please…. give me a break!

It is just my opinion, you can agree or disagree. Cheers


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