Notes: God and Religion

There is nothing new under the sun, so I write same issue again. 

The concept of belief and religion has always been fascinating for me. The dynamic of our daily life lead me to wonder why religion have divided and categorized us as human being and place us into different place.

When I was kid, I often wondered why neighbor chose to be Islam and my family chose to be Catholic? Why is a friend of mine Hindu? Is it true that certain religion better than other? Is it true if one convert from one religion to other religion, would commit sin?

And when I was teenager, I asked myself what is religion? Who created religion at the first place? Do we have to have a religion? What about being atheist? Will we go to hell if we don’t believe in God? Does heaven and hell even exist?

I had no where to go find those answer back that time. I did not know what kind of book that I should read to find the answer. There was no way that I could find the answer at school nor in the family. It is because I am living in the society where everyone has been tied to certain religion since the second we were born.

But as I entered university, I started to understand that religion is just a product of social construction. Nothing less, nothing more. And I do agree with that. However I always do believe that our existence happen because of God. I refused to understand all the scientific argument about our existence because it is just too complicated to understand.

And yes, I do believe with the existence of God. God is the easiest answer of our life existence. Having said that one can always believe in God without being tied to certain religion. Yet, my faith in God is not strong. It comes and goes.

For me, religion is a set of concept about the way we live our lives and the things that we consider important. It is a guidance for us to live our life accordingly. It talks about kindness. It talks about love. It talks about injustice. It also talks about wickedness. Religion is a set of reminder of how we should do good while we live our lives. That’s all.

In these last four years, I have been learning about Christianity. Why? It is because I want to search and find the balance between mind, body and soul.

Yet,  having myself learning about Christianity, I still do not consider myself as a Christian or Catholic or even a religious person. I still have no interest to engage to church activity. But I go to Sunday service , I carry prayer pocket book and I have a great interest in reading the bible to understand about Christianity and religion. And ay… I even had a huge tattoo cross on my back.

As I completed reading the old testament and new testament,  I learnt that bible content a set of beautiful teaching on how we should treat each other as human beings, an excellent reminder on how we should live our life as part of community.  Bible is a book of wisdom and love.

Few days ago, someone asked me why does one have to go to church to know about the concept of being good to other? So I answered “It is because we, human being, are arrogant to always feel knowing everything; while sometimes we forget and go astray. It is always good to have a reminder.

But some event of life showed me another side of the coin. It showed that many people tie themselves into religion because they actually feel insecure about the reality of life. They seek for comfort within the bible and look for bible verse, which comfort him or her.

I do the same. I seek for comfort words when I am facing difficulty, which I could not find it from other people. I usually seek from either book -including bible- or music.

Yet, they quote a bible verse bit by bit without having a full of understanding of it. Later, they use it to judge other and justify their own action. Why? Because they believe that God would always forgive and save us.

You see …. one might read  bible on the daily basis. One might know how to preach about it also. One might engage in a number of church activity. Even, there is no Sunday service that one is going to miss as much as possible. 

Yet, what’s the point of being very religious and have a strong faith in God but have no idea to implement those religious teaching? It is just talk the talk? But at the end, implementing religious value is our own choice, we would reap what we sow. 

As I learnt, I always feel good when I do good; I always feel restless when I do bad to others. It has nothing to do with religion.

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