Ztreet Queen: Sidomukti Skirt

Sidomukti Skirt [2015: CP]

Sidomukti Skirt [2015: CP]

Years ago….. I used to be known as an ‘ethnic girl’ because I love wearing ethnic fashion outfit and accessories, be it necklace, earing or skirt, and that is how I called myself, ethnicgirl. However my fashion taste has been changing as time passed by. I left the ethnic girl within me and become some kind of edgy girl. Yet, I still heart some ethnic element in fashion.

I must say that I often find it hard to get something an outfit which bring together the element of ethnic and modern as one combination in fashion product. Many fashion producer might try but I think they fail or I just never like them. That is why ….  I’d always rather to purchase raw material and design it by myself or together with tailor. Why? So I can get the perfect combination of color, pattern and also unique design according to my taste. At the same time, I also could determine the quality of it.

Rocking Sidomukti Skirt [2015: CP]

Rocking Sidomukti Skirt [2015: CP]

Few months ago, I went back to my hometown, the city of Yogyakarta. There is one ritual that I always do whenever I go to Yogya, I always go to Mirota Batik in Jalan Malioboro for Batik shopping. Mirota Batik is one of the largest souvenir shop in Yogyakarta. The shop is organized, clean and has a wide variety of products with reasonable price. I got myself a couple of Batik Solo.

As soon as I returned to Jakarta, I asked a good friend of mine, who happened to be a fashion designer, to design a funky skirt for me. And this is it, Sidomukti Skirt by Dreu Lona. Look the different that she made for the front and the back of the skirt. Love it so much! Thank you Miss Naia.

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