Ztreet Queen: Chloe Skirt

I am a queen of my own throne [2015: Y N]

I am a queen of my own throne [2015: Y N]

The first time I saw this Chloe Skirt by Dreu Lona, I said to myself… “O my God! I gotta get that piece!

So I called a friend of mine, who happened to be the designer and the owner of Dreu Lona. I told her that I wanted to purchase the Chloe Skirt. Just within three days, Dreu Lona Chloe Skirt was waiting for me at home.

Back that time, I was thinking to wear it for my book launch because I wanted to appear classy. Unfortunately I changed my mind and rather to appear casual.

Dancing with myself [2015: Novi]

Dancing with myself [2015: Novi]

I kept Chloe Skirt in my closet for months until I finally found the perfect top for it. Both top and bottom are made by talented Indonesian designers. They do not just sell their products but unique creativity with quality to make sure that the customer return to them. Not just that, they also empower the local tailor to bring their idea into reality.

Sometimes I rather to purchase a good quality local designer fashion products than ready-to-wear international brands fashion product. It just makes me unique. On the top of that, we help the local economy growing.

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