Notes: Reminisce

Rewriting my first free writing post Since I moved to Jakarta in 2010, I can't remember when the last time I left Jakarta for more than two weeks. I usually would just go for a week or two holiday. But next week, I would be going to North America for sometimes to study. To be honest, I … Continue reading Notes: Reminisce

Notes: Free Writing #1

and it is started! Free writing game. It is only two weeks before I am leaving Jakart to Canada. This morning, on my way to work, I passed the kuningan intersection. I looked at to the right and I saw Jalan Gatot Subroto. I said to myself... God... it is Friday. I only two more … Continue reading Notes: Free Writing #1

Notes: Nulis Bebas, Free Writing

I'm gonna begin this fun game. Nulis bebas, which means free writing. Inspired by Mas Aditya Wardhana, an old friend of mine. I saw a couple of his posts in my inbox and I'm gonna begin this fun game. So... what are the rules? Check the rules below! Open your laptop or desktop, don't type with smartphone … Continue reading Notes: Nulis Bebas, Free Writing

Catatan: Berpendapat

Saya ini... payah! Sejak duduk di bangku sekolah lalu melanjutkan pendidikan di perguruan tinggi, saya selalu takut untuk berpendapat. Saya takut kalau saya salah. Saya takut kalau pendapat saya bodoh. Dua hal tersebut membuat saya cenderung mengunci mulut saya di tengah-tengah diskusi dengan topik menarik. Padahal apa salahnya kalau kita salah, apakah pendapat mereka sudah pasti … Continue reading Catatan: Berpendapat