Notes: Marriage

ORG__DSC5067Many young people want to get married to their lover. They feel that their lover is the love of their life. It would be perfect to live together for the rest of their life. But I wonder whether they really understand what marriage is?

Well… I guess we have been indoctrinated with happily ever after Cinderella story without being shown what happens next after she got married to the prince. Who knows that they try killing each other…. ?! No?

That is why I do not like to attend a wedding party.


3 thoughts on “Notes: Marriage

  1. Lol! Sounds like me. I always want to marry the guy I love but I fall in and out of love so fast and get over it very quickly also. I’ve started to think maybe I should never be married hahah

    1. Ha ha ha …. I was married so young (23) and over the years (three years after been in relationship for three years) I learnt a lot. At the end, I think that marriage does not necessary accommodate the idea of perfect happiness for two lovers. People could love each other and be together without being marriage, without being institutionalized. Lovers happiness should be achieved by hard work together and compromised.

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