Notes: My Reality

DSCF1622When I write, I do not need to present a picture-perfect of life. My writing is often close to telling the truth.  I am just trying to speak the truth about things that affect me, about things that happen in our society. My writing is written with my perspective as watcher as well as a doer.

You know… I also often consider that my writing is often very spiritual because it is all about emotion, it is all about life. It is because I just try to reveal myself, tell my personal own problem and even lay all my deepest darkest secret because they are part of reality. It is my own reality, which sometimes can better or even worse than yours.

Yes, I choose to present the reality of life. I know that sometimes reality is bitter and painful but that is real life. As a result, I do expect no controversy because controversy is the beginning of the public discussion, which helps to understand life better.

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