Indonesia: First Lady vs Myself Part II

Warning: Please read about before you read the rest of the blog and leave comment. Thank you! Ayo... I just want to post a very short blog and interesting one about Indonesia's First Lady Ani Yudhoyono. Many of you might have noticed that the Indonesia's First Lady is a drama queen and could not handle any "negative" comment … Continue reading Indonesia: First Lady vs Myself Part II

Photo: Rujak Serut

It might look pretty disgusting for some people but this is one of my favourite Indonesian street food, rojak/rujak serut. Rujak serut is traditional fruit salad with slices of assorted tropical fruit such as pineapple, mango, papaya, kedondong and sweet potato with spicy palm sugar dressing. All the fruits are shredded into a roughly grated … Continue reading Photo: Rujak Serut

Indonesia: Indonesia’s First Lady vs Myself

I love fashion and I am allergic to counterfeit. Fashion is a piece of art that is why it is very important for designer to register their trademark, therefore it would not be copied. But apparently the Indonesia's First Lady Ani Yudhoyono loves to wear FAKE Burberry. She said that she purchased her scarf in … Continue reading Indonesia: Indonesia’s First Lady vs Myself