Indonesia: RI Independence Day Doodle

2013 Indonesia Independence Day Google Doodle

2013 Indonesia Independence Day Google Doodle

Google participated in celebrating the 68th Indonesia Independence Day by creating Indonesia Independence Day doodle with Garuda Pancasila, the national emblem of Indonesia, to replace the letter O in red and white color.

Despite the fact there were many appreciation for this doodle, there were many criticism also about it especially the national emblem because it was too skinny, didn’t look like Indonesia national emblem, this and that. But for me, it is good enough.

Apparently since 2009 Google has always been publishing Indonesia Independence doodle on the 17 August  to participate  in celebrating Indonesia Independence day. And I just realized that : ).

As an Indonesian citizen, I am proud to see my google page view today. Happy 68th Independence Day Indonesia! I am proud Indonesia! Saya bangga menjadi warga Indonesia…

Indonesia Independence Day Doodle

Indonesia Independence Day Doodle

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