Wardrobe : Outlaw Orange

Outlaw Orange [2013: E R]

Outlaw Orange [2013: E R]

It has been raining a lot in these last three days. Gray cloud keep covering Jakarta blue sky and block the warm of the sun light. It is wet, misty and grey. I don’t like this kind of weather because it is unable me to do outdoor activity. It also makes me feeling blue and gloomy.

Anyhow the universe has been quite kind to us this morning. Despite the fact it was cloudy, I still could enjoy warm weather outside and we (E and I) decided to go for brunch at Four Season Hotel. Brunch on Saturday? Well, why not?!

A morning without coffee is like sleep [2013: E R]

Cannot skip a cup of coffee, not a chance! [2013: E R]

Egg Benedict day [2013: Oktofani]

Egg Benedict day [2013: Oktofani]

Today actually we celebrated our five years anniversary. Unlike the previous years that we would go for vacation to celebrate it, we chose to have a simple brunch in Jakarta, followed by going to the gym together and watching Pacific Rim.

So for the outfit of the day, I decided to go for orange. I wore my own design abhaya skirt, crop top and strap wedges sandal for a simple celebration. I really like to combine the abhaya skirt with crop top because it is a combination of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ style. On the top of that, I love the orange color domination. It is very simple, classic yet edgy. Don’t you think so?

Okay readers, have a great weekend!

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