Wardrobe : Dashing Denim

Dashing Denim [2013: Nataya]

Dashing Denim [2013: Nataya]

Few days ago, Naia and I had agreed to spend the weekend together to do some photo shoot for our blog. Well, we are not model and we are not trying to be one. We just love fashion and want to share our fashion sense in our blog. Perhaps, we are trying to be a fashion blogger as it seems to be fun.

Apparently, it was very cloudy when I woke up this morning. I thought that our appointment would be cancelled if it is raining. Fortunately, the sun kept shinning, the cloudy day turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. It was really perfect day to go out and do some outdoor activities with her.

Since I fell in love with crop top, I decided to wear denim bustier crop top and jeans. It is quite edgy yet chic. Unfortunately, dressing up this way made many people look at me strangely as if I am alien. But who cares anyway, I love what I wear.
Ride the bus

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