Notes: Tiring Trip To Yogyakarta

What a tiring 15 hours road trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta on Saturday?! But I’m happy that I did this trip because I could  escape from the hustle bustle of Jakarta for few days.

Anyway, this is my second road trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. I usually would prefer to take 8 hours of night executive train or an hour of flight, but this time I somehow want to take this long tiring trip. I don’t know why on earth I wanna do this.

Taking the south route from Jakarta to Cikampek – Cipularang – Bandung – Cileunyi – Rancaekek – Nagreg – Malangbong –  Ciawi – Ciamis – Banjar – Lumbir – Banyumas – Buntu – Sumpiuh – Kebumen – Kulonprogo – Purworejo – Wates – Yogyakarta.

Left Jakarta at 8 a.m, arrived in Yogyakarta at 11: 30 pm. Stopped in a couple of places for lunch and fuel. Oh what a tiring road trip?!

On my way to Yogyakarta, I saw a terrible accident of motorcycle was run by a truck somewhere in Central Java around 7 pm. It was shocking. I was shocked. But I did not want to stop to check out. My car was also close, very close run by couple of big vehicle a couple of times, truck and bus.

All those truck and bus drivers were just so crazy. They just want to get to their destination as fast as possible without thinking about their own and other people safety. Why on earth you wanna arrive in your destination an hour earlier by risking yourself?! Don’t you think about your family at home?! Jesus!

I’m not sure that I wanna take this road trip to Yogyakarta again. But who knows? I always change my mind.

I would take a north route on my way back to Jakarta as it is faster.

Ummm I got not much to say here…. My mind is not at peace. So I end my writing here.
Ride the bus

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