Notes: Safe Flight to Heaven Adit

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it- Ecclesiastes 12:7

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it- Ecclesiastes 12:7

Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it – Ecclesiastes 12:7

Nobody knows the mystery of life. And I just cannot believe that he is gone forever. He is Richardo Dicky Aditya. He is my beloved cousin, brother and homie. He’s gone in a very young age. And everyone agreed that he is very young when he’s gone. He is only 25 years old.

It was just last Sunday at 11 a.m. when I was still talking to him via BBM (Blackberry Messenger) and asking his condition. He told me that he was getting better. But seven hours later, my sister called me. She told me that Adit passed away, that he’s just gone forever.

“Is it real? Am I in a dreamland? Why? How come? I just talked to him few hours ago and he is gone now?” I asked to myself.

I was rendered speechless. I was stoned. I was shocked. Tears just streamed down my face. I just could not believe the news that I heard from my sister. Adit passed away.


Adit and I [Yogyakarta, 2011]

Adit and I [Yogyakarta, 2011]

I missed the last flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta on Sunday night as I only had an hour to catch the last flight. I decided to take a morning flight at 07:55 a.m on Monday.  And as soon as I landed, I went straight to Adit’s house with my best friend Olen.

On my way to Adit’s house, I still could not believe that the reason  I went to Yogya was just to say my last goodbye to Adit. “What my last goodbye? Where is he going?” Part of me asked myself because  I just still could not believe that Adit passed away, that he left his family, lover and friends just like that. I just could not believe. No, I could not believe it.

In a second I arrived at Adit’s house, I saw Yusak, he hugged me and broke in tears. He lost his very best friend in his life. We still could not believe that it really happened. We still could not believe that Adit was taken away without any warning or spoken words.  He’s just gone away. He left us with no warning. And no, we still could not believe it.

But it was real, it was not a dream.  Wearing a pair of black suit, Adit was lied in a white coffin. He smiled. He looks as if he was just sleeping but very peacefully. In a fact, he has been taken away from us to a better place by God. He’s gone forever.

Tried to staying strong, Bu Ida, Adit’s mom, was clearly in pain. Tears streamed down her cheek as she remembered every memory of her beloved son. Stared at his face, she felt his soul. She lost her only son, she lost her beloved friend.

Standing on the left side of Adit’s coffin, wearing a black shirt, Bu Ida told me that he’s gone in peace now. It’s so much better than he had to stay in pain. She accepted his death and let him go. She believed that one day she would unite with him again as one family in the Kingdom of God.

Adit’s death is just so hard to be faced by everyone who knows him, who loves him but we understood it very well that he is now in a better place with Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Our small gang, Yusak, Adit, Bebek and I [Yogyakarta, November 2012]

Our small gang, Yusak, Adit, Bebek and I [Yogyakarta, November 2012]

Yusak, I, Olen, Nocky and Adit [Yogyakarta, 2010]

Yusak, I, Olen, Nocky and Adit [Yogyakarta, 2010]

Adit and I were actually second cousin. We have never been very close before.  As we hang out at the same place, Bayonet,  Adit and I started getting very close. It was even closer than any of my relationship with my first cousin.

I just found Adit as a very friendly, fun, humble, smart and open-minded person to be around. We could talk about anything without having feeling ashamed or afraid.  We could just be ourselves and talked openly.

Apparently, as we hang out a lot, we established a small gang that consist of 4 people since new year eve 2009. The four were Adit, Yusak, Bebek and I. There were just so many memories that I could not really explain one by one here. Laughter and tears, disappointment and anger, joy and happiness, we shared all together.

Yusak, I and Adit [Semarang, 2009]

Yusak, I and Adit [Semarang, 2009]

Adit… He is a really good boy, good friend, good brother, good homie. He is a genuinely kind person with a good heart. He has never been cruel or mean toward me. Hence, I appointed him as the witness of my marriage from my side in 2011.  But unfortunately, he does not meet any requirement as the witness because he has not got married before. It was then replaced by Bu Ida, his mom. And it is okay. They both are cool person.

It’s still ringing in my ear whenever Adit called me ‘Nyah’ from the word ‘Nyonyah’ or ‘Madam’ every time we were going to gossiping or talking about something. But now… I would never hear his distinctive voice and tone again while he called me ‘Nyah’. It would only be a memory that would stay in my mind and my heart.

I am glad that I could make my way to Yogyakarta last November to hang out with Adit, Yusak and Bebek. It was the last time we could hang out together, four of us. After that time, Yusak moved to Surabaya, Adit moved to Bali, Bebek went back to Bandung and I went back to Jakarta. It was just difficult to find a time to hang out together again as we used to do as we are busy with our own work.


I know you are in a better place now, up in Heaven with God and Angels up above. There were no words that I could write to express how upset I am for losing you. You have been such a great friend, brother, cousin and family to me. I would never forget you and I would always miss you. Safe flight to heaven Adit….





God our Father, Your power brings us to birth, Your providence guides our life and by Your command we return to dust.  I pray for the dead, especially Richardo Dicky Aditya. May him who has been so dear to me in life find a place with you in heaven. Amen.

Adit left us peacefully and went to a better place in Heaven with Angels and God up above... Goodbye Adit [Yogyakarta, 2013]

Adit left us peacefully and went to a better place in Heaven with Angels and God up above… Goodbye Adit [Yogyakarta, 2013] 

Have a safe flight to heaven Adit....

Have a safe flight to heaven Adit….


We were at my after wedding party at Vino Bar [Yogyakarta, 2011]

We were at my after wedding party at Vino Bar [Yogyakarta, 2011]

Malam Midodareni [Yogyakarta, 2011]

Malam Midodareni [Yogyakarta, 2011]

Three of us [Jakarta, 2012]

Three of us [Jakarta, 2012]

Three of us [Yogyakarta, 2010]

Three of us [Yogyakarta, 2010]

Student's life [Yogyakarta, 2009]

Student’s life [Yogyakarta, 2009]

We shared our laughter [Yogyakarta, 2009]

We shared our laughter [Yogyakarta, 2009]



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6 responses to “Notes: Safe Flight to Heaven Adit

  1. Bebeko

    Bro, i cried reading this. Aku lagi di stasiun, aku inget tiap ke jogja adit selalu bilang kalo aku ada butuh apa-apa atau dianter ke mana bilang aja ke dia. I remember those great times we shared with him. I know i shouldn’t cry. He’s at peace now. The world is a cruel place and he’s free from it now

    • Iya… Dia dulu sering banger anter jemput tanpa pamrih. Dia selalu menawarkan pertolongan buat temen-temennya…. = (. No words, no warning. He was just taken away and gone away

  2. He’s not leave us. He just come back home where we will unite together, again.
    A good man, get the best place to go. He’s so so kind, to remind us that everyone will pass away.
    Good words, Mrs. Fani. Touching.

    Regards. 🙂

  3. Aku ngga begitu deket sama Adit. Pertama ketemu di Jogja waktu tahun baruan 2009 yah, Bek? Terus kalian nganterin sampe bandara *peluk*
    Lalu terakhir pas acara Tribute to Gaga di @america. Tapi begitu denger dia meninggal aku ikut sedih. He was too young to have gone! Nggak kebayang gimana nyeseknya kalian temen-temen deketnya. Apalagi Ucha.

    But, yeah, God has a better plan for him. He’s at peace. Let’s make him stay that way.


  4. Patricia Ida Listyani

    Dicky richardo. Mama bangga punya kamu. You will always in my heart. Tenanglah dirumah Bapa dekat dg orang orang yg mengasihimu. Sepatah katapun mama tdk pernah mendengar kamu mengeluh. Cita citamu sangat bagus. Rencana hidupmu sangat indah. Tapi Bapa disurga memanggilmu. Mama iklas karena hanya Dia yg berhak atas kamu. Selamat jln anakku. Mama yakin kelak Tuhan akan mempertemukan kita lagi. We love you dicky. Dad mom kecik en marcel

  5. Kalau boleh tahu, kak Dicky meninggal karena apa? *Turut berduka cita ya kak. Miris dengernya.

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