Rule 44: Stay Young with Different Style

My hairstyle

In the last couple years, I have been changing my hairstyle in an “extreme” way. From  straight hair [not for long time though] to a long curly hair then a short curly hair, like an Afro style. Later, I had 0.5 cm hair cut then I have it colored into blonde [when I did it, it really burn my scalp and the craziest part is I was willing to pay for it MANY TIMES- what was I thinking hu?]. And now, I just had a short hair cut with a skinhead as a combination for it.

Let me share a little bit of  wisdom of life that I learned from Richard Templar, the author of “The Rule of Life”. Ya… I know that  it seems that his book really influence my life a lot and I quoted his book in many of my personal writing. But honestly, his thought really makes sense for me. So, why not?

Mr. Templar wrote in his book Rule 44: Stay Young. Staying young is trying out new tastes, news places to go, new styles. Staying young is about keeping a fresh vision of the world, being interested, being stimulated, being motivated, being adventurous. Staying young is a state of mind. 

So in my own point of view, in order to avoid the fear of being old when we get older, why don’t we just make ourselves young by doing something new that we really enjoy and make ourselves good about ourselves. Our life is not about what people think about us, our life is about ourselves. As long as we do not bother or hurt other people with our actions, why don’t we just do it?

In a selfish way, I would say that my life is about myself. As long as I do not bother or hurt other people with my actions, why don’t we just do it? That’s all that matters to me. Won’t life be bored if we stay at the same path all the times? I guess so!

Short hair on my wedding day

Anyway, I would like to share a short story from my wedding day last September. A week before my wedding day, I was approached by several of my family member to wear a fake hair on my wedding day so I would look pretty and elegant. Ha….seriously? Of course I did not agree with that! I confidently rejected the idea many times and I insist to carry my short hair.

I am glad that they could not influence me. Why would I have same style with thousand of brides? I just wanted to be different and unique in my way because it was my wedding day. It is just my swagga! But if they offered me 50,000 USD to do so, then I would do that or consider it! Ha ha.


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