Rule 22 :Dress like today is important

Dress like today is important [2012: C P]

Dress like today is important [2012: C P]

I love fashion, I love clothes. It is a must for me to make myself feel good about myself as it will make me work faster.

Once I read a book “The Rule Of Life” by Richard Templar. He said that Rule 22 is Dress like today is important. He also said that people will react differently to you if you dress as it matters. That is so true and I just totally agree with what he said.

Other than it makes me feel good and motivated me to work faster, I just really enjoy how good it feels when people appreciated you because you also appreciate yourself by dressing well.

Tank Top by DKNY Jeans * Jeans by Armani Exchange * Wedges Sandal by Bruno Premi * Handbag by DKNY * Glasses by Dior Homme * Stud earrings by Swarovski * Watch by Ted Baker 


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