Notes: What Do You Want? Money or Happiness

When I was 15 years old, I laid down in my bedroom and imagined that one day I have to get out of this town, Yogyakarta. No, it is not because I do not like Yogyakarta. But I know, that there are a lot of things that this world offers to us and I know that there are so many beautiful places to visit, I want to visit Rome, New York, Paris, London, Sydney, Egypt and Milan.

So, here I am in Jakarta after I spent my life in Bali for more than one years. Although, I have never imagined that my imagination become a dream comes true this very soon, I am very glad about it.

You know, sometimes my friends told me how jealous they are with what I am doing right now. Sometimes, they told me that they wish they are in my shoes. But, sometimes I do not think that I have done a great job about how I should live my life because there are so many dreams that still hanging in my mind and I have not reached it yet. However, we know that it takes time and effort to be in the point where we want to be.

My fiancé often told me that I shouldn’t rush with my life and I knew that I am doing that. But, I really wonder how I can be relax about my life as every time I see someone’s else has done better job than me, I am getting jealous and I want to be on their shoes or even better than them. Yet, my fiancé told me ‘Dear, remember that you just start your career. You have a zero year of experience compare than them, who has had experience for more than one or two years.’

Is money enough to feed our happiness?

I admit that my fiancé is often right. I am glad that I have found him. Other than become a lover, he is also a friend as well as a brother who can help me to make my dream come true. However, sometimes I am asking myself whether I should  do something to earn happiness or I should do something to earn money because sometimes the dream will not often come with one package with the other dream. So, which one should I choose money or happiness?

My dream is to be happy with my life

Again, my fiancé told me that it is very important that I earn happiness instead of bags of money as the money will not keep me happy all the time. Yes, it is true that to live our lives, we would need money to pay all the bills but we also need to feed our heart with happiness. Therefore, I do not have to make up my mind as soon as possible as I am still young and there are plenty opportunity to find out what I want to do in this life. But yes, I love my job that I am doing now because I am meeting many people and visiting so many places.

Anyway, every time I am down and I feel that there is nobody likes me because how the way I am doing what I am doing. There is a song from Angie Stone makes me realize why would I care about what other people say about me as the only thing that I want is reaching my dream in my own way.

I don’t care what people think about me. I don’t care what people say about me. With all of my haters yet still I rise, I wanna thank you cause I recognize, without you I wouldn’t be relevant, because of you, I know I’m heaven sent.

There was a time I use to want everybody to love me, and there was a time when I used to wear my feelings on my sleeve, but that never got me anywhere. Ihad to learn that life just aint fair. I took the highs and the lows, the bumps in the road now aint nothing getting in the way of my flow.

Ride the bus

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