Notes: Even in A Big City, One Often Feels Lonely

One nightfall of Jakarta [2012: E O]

One nightfall of Jakarta [2012: E O]

It’s 8 PM on Saturday night. I am just laying down alone in my bed with R n B music play out loud and a bottle of rose wine. Feeling kind of lonely but having no idea what I have to do or where I have to go. But, even if I have to go somewhere, I do not know whom am I going to meet as I am pretty new in this town and do not have so many friends yet. I must admit that I often miss my friends and my family.

Funny enough, whenever I complain how lonely I am to my fiancé, my fiancé often says to me like this “Even in a big city, one often feels lonely.”

And here I am laying down with a lonely feeling, listening to loud music  and acting like a miserable person. But somehow, I remember  what I often say to myself ‘You will never know what you will find as you step out of your door. So, don’t just stay at home and try to go out.’

Ride the bus

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