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Notes: Being Healthy

Gym time [2014:EO]

Gym time [2014:EO]

I have been going to gym three or four times a week lately. Somehow I am madly in love with exercise but let me tell you a story why I become a gym freak lately.

Honestly, I have never been in love with sport  until I moved to Jakarta. I used to think that doing sport is just time consuming, wasting time and exhausting. I have never thought about the benefit of it for my body and my health.

Back when I was still in elementary and high school,  I never took the sport class seriously. Somehow I still vividly remember whenever our teacher asked the students to run around the school field before the sport class was started, number of students, including myself, chose to walk. I would say that back that time most of the students were excited with sport class because it was done outdoor and it was time to chit-chat with our classmate. However now, I have different point of view about sport and the importance of it for my health.

So here my gym love’s story began. Back to 2010 when  I moved to Jakarta for the very first time, I was drown into a very bad big city lifestyle and routine, stressful life with frustration. I worked from 10 a.m to 8 p.m sometimes 9 p.m, would eat late and eat whatever is available, I did not manage to have enough sleep or a good quality sleep well and on the weekend, I would go out to have some cocktail or wine with my friends until I got drunk. It went that way week after week, after week and after week. I didn’t pay attention on my own health and always felt that I was strong.

Can you imagine how bad my lifestyle was, how my money wasted, how my body was slowly damaged and how bad the impact into on my body and spirit because of those bad lifestyle and routine? It was terribly bad! I had no idea about being healthy and I lived a very bad yet stressful lifestyle.

Jogging Track [2014: E O]

Jogging Track [2014: E O]

But things changed in 2011 since I met my dawg, George. You know sometimes many people say that the reason they sign up for gym membership because they want to get skinny or have a sexy body but George has different story. He told me an interesting story about why he loves sport so much and how important being healthy is, it got nothing to do with being skinny but about to be healthy.

Somehow, his story inspired me and I decided to sign up for gym membership in the nearest fitness centre in my apartment complex in South Jakarta. Of course as I was not familiar with fitness centre, I also decided to hire personal trainer for nearly six months to get myself familiar with the gym equipment, the exercise program and also the diet.

Honestly, I found it difficult to get myself discipline to go to gym at least three times a week at the very beginning. It is because (once again) going to fitness centre is such a time consuming and it’s too complicated to bring gym bag before going to work. But I realized that it is all about willing in ourselves by ourselves, it is about courage in ourselves by ourselves.

As time passed by, I started to enjoy working out at the gym when I felt the result of working out, I felt more fresh, strong and less stress. I have to admit that exercise at the gym is pretty is tiring activity but I would say that it is different kind of tiredness compared to tiredness from our daily routine. Now it has been more than two years since I signed up for gym membership. I tried my best to manage my time to go to gym at least twice a week, regardless my routine.

One thing that I learn about engaging with sport activities is that it teaches us to be discipline with ourselves, e.g discipline in managing our time between working, exercise and resting. It also teaches us to appreciate our body and physical health.

However  clearly everybody has different motivation when they sign up for the gym, some people sign up the gym membership for ‘image’ a.k.a status, some want to get skinny, some want to reduce their weight and some want to be healthy. Me, I want to be healthy because I know how uncomfortable it is to be unhealthy and take medicine every morning simply to be healthy.

Source of vitamin [2014: E O]

Source of vitamin [2014: E O]

Meanwhile the aesthetic result of exercise is my second reason why I go to gym. Hence, I also need to pay attention on what I consume, i.e I eat less fatty and junk food; I consume less sugar, I don’t take soda  and also I cut down my alcohol intake on the weekend.

For me, living a healthy lifestyle means that we have to be discipline in managing our selves, it also means that we appreciate and love ourselves. If we are healthy, we can do anything with a happy feeling. Don’t you think so?

Cheers,   signature

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Alert: Black Money Scam

Few weeks ago, a friend of mine told us a story that he became the victim of Black Money Scam few years ago by some African men in Jakarta. It was not unfamiliar in my ear. Once I nearly fell as a victim one day in 2011 by my dear friend that I just met.

A friend showed me a white-blank note and a couple bottle of chemical liquid. He told me that he could turn the blank note to be a 100 USD note. He showed me the process but later he said that he couldn’t complete the process because he did not have a complete chemical liquid to wash the money. But it was nearly look like a 100 USD bill. “Wow! Is that real?” I said to myself.

So the next day, I told my co-worker, who was posted at the Indonesia’s Attorney General office, he told me that it was not real money and it is better that I stayed away from my new friend. But I was still curious I searched it online and apparently that it was a dirty business, it was a crime that is known as Black Scam Money.

Black Scam Money is a scam where a con artist attempt to obtain money by persuading the victims with a whole-pile of banknote-sized paper in a trunk. The con artist usually would claim that the money have been dyed black or another colour to avoid detection by customs. Later, the victim would be persuaded to pay for chemical liquid to wash the money with a promise that he would share in the proceed.

So how is the process conducted? First of all, the scammer would send a million of emails => the scammers would approach the victims =>the scammers would ask for an advance fee => the scammers would ask for more money to purchase chemical liquid to wash the money => victims go to see the money in the trunk =>washing a small sample of black money => more money to wash the money but there is no money. (You can check the full detail here)

As I never asked him again, he never pursued me again to be his client because one reasons and another but we remain friends because I simply want to give the benefit of doubt. Therefore, if you received this kind of email on Facebook

Hello, how are you doing, I hope you are in good condition of health? I’m Brian Wesley, Sorry, if i suddenly visit your profile. Can we be very good friend? if you do, am willing to know much about you. thanks.


i have an investment proposal but am not sure if you will be interested , as i see your profile that your very hard working and already own your own business, i am a military contractor in Iraq, and some of the US Army who serve in Iraq discover some money from Saddam Hussein warehouse. the want to transfer the money to Indonesia and want me to look for some body reliable and have her own business , as the plan to stay in Indonesia Bali after the finish there Job, i want to convince them transfer the money to you so you can use it to expand you business and make profit before the end of the year, please reply to me if your interested to my email”

Please do not respond to any of it before you fall as a victim. Do not accept any invitation meeting because they will play with your head and heart. As soon as you meet them, if they gain trust from you and start to ask for money or fancy stuff such as fancy watch.

I see this business is very cruel, it is the betrayal of trust business. They know when to start and they know when to stop it. They know very well how to twist the situations. You have worked hard to earn those money but those scammers just want to steal your sweat. Interestingly enough, those scammers tend to go to church on Sunday but steal money from hardworking people on the working days. They are very heartless and have been eaten by their greed!


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Photo: Jakarta Street Kids

Jakartan street kids are enjoying their simple life [2014: E O]

Jakartan street kids are enjoying their simple life [2014: E O]

Bright smile of Jakarta street kids [2014: E O]

Bright smile of Jakarta street kids [2014: E O]


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Indonesia: Prabowo Subianto on Channel NewsAsia


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Notes: Social Media Detox

Gadget freak [2012: E O]

Gadget freak [2012: E O]

When you go out to restaurant, bar or coffee shop, you might often see that a group of friends are hanging out together, sitting at the same table but they are just busy with their own gadget. Have you ever seen that? Or do you do as well?

Well, I have to admit that I do that also when I hang out with my friends because they do it as well. I am not trying to justify my action.

So few days ago I met Anita, my former colleague. We had an interesting conversation about social media detox. Well, we actually talked about digital detox but I would narrow it down to social media detox. What? Social media detox? What is it all about?

Well, let me start by saying that gadget and social media is very addictive for some people, including myself. I have been actively using social media, e.g Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path , since 2005 when I knew Friendster.com.

As time passed by, there are more and more interesting social media in the internet from hi5, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Path.  The worse is the development of technology, especially smartphone and tablet which provide us with  web-ready mobile phones and various of social media application. It makes me just want to check out what the latest news, gossip or whats going on with my friends on the social media.

But the question is do I really need those updates? Why do I need those updates?

I come to realize that since I have been using smartphone and addicted to social media, I no longer have a meaningful conversation with my friends and people around me. Even though, we are still hanging out together for lunch or dinner but we are just busy with our smartphone and check out what’s on the social media. We don’t really care why we are here together.

Other than that, social media creates a jealousy and makes people being mean ass toward their own friend without really knowing the truth. It also leads us to an ugly competition because of jealousy toward our own friend, simply because what we see in social media and people love to show off or share their experience or lifestyle in social media.

For instance “Oh how come she can get a Christian Louboutin shoes? What does she do? She must be a whore or slut. She must be a prostitute.”  or “O My God… doesn’t she know that she is ugly? She shouldn’t take that kind of selfie picture.” Or Oh… She travelled to Paris. It must be her boyfriend financed it.  This and that….

There are just so many negative comments from my head about other people’s life, which I actually don’t really know what is going on exactly and not one of them is our business.

So after having conversation with Anita, I decided to do a social media detox. But what is a social media detox? According to my understanding, social media detox is a therapy to remove our addiction to social media by turning off all social media account. Hence during my unpaid leave for my medication, I deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, singed out from path and deleted Instagram account. What? Delete? Yes, you read it right! I DELETE it. (Surely I would miss the silly comment of Indonesia’s First Lady, Ibu Ani Yudhoyono, in Instagram who gets irritated easily with her follower comments)

Not just that, I also deleted those social media application from my Blackberry and iPhone as well as iPad. And. I start to go out with book to read; meet up with people to have a fruitful conversation about anything.

So now the question is what is the purpose of having smartphone then? I even have two. Well….  I still can use my smartphone for receiving email and sending email plus blogging. I love blogging, I have been blogging since 2005 even though it’s not really general issue but more into personal matter but I enjoyed it anyway.

Other than that, I also can read other blogger’s post, which can inspire me in so many different ways. Be it about life, fashion, business, traveling and also Hollywood gossip.

Beside that, I also have a new hobby now, which is watching YouTube channel. I have subscribed to some interesting channel such as CrashCourse, BrainCraft, It’s Okay to Be Smart and also spacerip. When I get bored with all those scientific channel, I usually will watch my favorite singer vevo channel from Rihanna, Eminem, T.I, Tupac to Snoop Dogg.

I just have so much fun enjoying those YouTube channel. It really helps me to exercise my brain, entertain myself in different kind of way and enlarge my knowledge.

Meanwhile two weeks ago, I met my former editor. We had a very interesting conversation about life. She gave a very wise advice to turn off my social media accounts. Instead, I should read more books, newspaper and magazine to exercise my brains. She lent me a couple of Indonesia literature books, written by Umar Kayam and Leila Chudori. It was very kind of her

She also said to me “Look around you. Try to connect face to face with people, as much as you can. Look them in the eye when you talk to them. Do as much good as you can, when you can.

As I reflected to what she said to me, I think she is 100 percent correct. I look back into my life in these last couple of years, I just live my life in the gadget and social media, while I only hang around with small circle of people. But still we are being busy with our gadget, either reading email, chatting with instant messenger or fart around on social media while hang out with other people. We really have been disconnecting with real world and real life. We just live behind the screen.

The question is now being despite the fact technology/gadget has been helping our work efficiently, when will we get tired to use our gadget in our daily life and want to get back into out real life as social being? Will we be able to sit down together with other to have a meaningful conversation again without carrying our gadget and being busy with all those social media?

But wait…. the obstacles remain. Even though I enjoyed this whole social media detox  for one week,  as a media worker I actually really need to use social media, especially twitter to get myself aware of the current issue. It sucks when I don’t get myself updated with the latest current issue and it’s embarrassing.

I didn’t even know when Anas Urbaningrum was arrested by KPK or I didn’t even know that the Indonesian tycoon Bakrie Family invested their money on PATH. What? I usually get myself updated and know the latest information. So what should I do now? Should I activate my twitter and Facebook again? (Well I just did anyway because of work purpose. )

In the end of the day, it actually comes down to how we use  social media. Doesn’t it? It has been a week since I did social media detox. So should I get back to use so social media again but change how the way I use it? Or should I stay doing the social media detox? What do you think?

Perhaps next I will do digital detox? We’ll see


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Notes: Ma’am

Summer Time [2013: E R]

Michael Kors dress [2013: E R]

A quick question: does a designer fashion product make someone look older than their age? I have been asking these question at least in this last one year. It is because whenever I entered the shop with head to toe designer fashion products, especially dress and high heels, I am always addressed with Ma’am or Ibu.

Despite the fact it is a polite way to address a woman, honestly I always feel uncomfortable with that because it makes me feel old. In one of my favorite boutique or restaurant, the staff always address me with Ibu Fani. Or yesterday when I went to H&M shop, the staff said to me “May I help you Ma’am?”

So I asked to myself “What? Ma’am? Do I look old? I am only 26 years old!

The thing is I love wearing dress and I love designer dress because of its design and its quality, it wouldn’t be washed and worn out easily after being worn many times. They are long-lasting collection.

So I would rather to buy BCBGmaxazria or Michael Kors dress with half price or 30 percent sale -I don’t buy latest collection as they are pricey, I am not rich and I cannot afford them - than Forever21 dress. Or Dolce&Gabbana and Kenzo t-shirt than Zara shirt.

Anyway, go back my original question does designer fashion product makes someone looks older? Or is it simply because the technical requirement for them who works in the hospitality industry? Or do I really look old? Can anybody help me to find the answer?



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Indonesia: Prabowo Subianto


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Science: Exercise and Memory

There is a positive relationship between physical activity and cognitive functioning. Exercise can help to improve your memory.


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Notes: Practice What You Preach

Have you ever listened to Where Is The Love song by Black Eyed Peas? If not, you have to listen to this song.  Why do I say that? It is because I found this song has a very interesting lyrics. One of the line says “People killing, people dying. Children hurt and you hear them crying. Can you practice what you preach? And would you turn the other cheek?

I smile whenever I listen to that song and I ask myself how many preacher have practice what they preach?

As a Christian, who like to have discussion about life with other believer, I would often hear that some preachers preaching about the word of God but they don’t practice what they preach. Some of the examples, which I heard with my own ear,  were a preacher preached about only God has the authority to take humans life but ‘s the same time the same preacher suggest his girlfriend to kill their own baby (It says in Deuteronomy 32:39). Or the same preacher would cheat/steal other people money  meanwhile it is clearly said in the book of Leviticus that those activity against the Lord.

Or  as  a journalist who used to cover story on religious violence issue in Indonesia. I often heard with my own ear that some religious leader preach about love but at the same time they preach about hatred. In the name of God, they killed other human being because they have different belief. In the name of God, they burn down other human being home because they have different belief. Or some criminals use religion to justify their action.

So my question is now being Do they use religion to justify their negative action? What kind of God do they really believe in? Why they don’t practice what they preach? Oh well… I guess it is easier to say than implement it in their own life.

Despite the fact I was born in Catholic family and taught about Catholic value, personally I used to prefer to be an agnostic who belief in God and don’t wanna tie myself into any religion because what I have been seeing around me. In the name of God, people are killing or hurting each other.

Other than that, I always believe/know that religion is the product of social construction but at the same time I always believe that there is God. God, who has no religion. I also have been reading the profile about Jesus Christ as a famous figure in Christianity, Muhammad as a famous figure in Islam and Siddartha as a famous figure in Buddhism. They are all amazing in their own way.

George and I [2013]

George and I [2013]

But there was a stage in life, when I was reintroduced to God and Christianity in different way by a  good friend of mine, George. I found it interesting to get to know about Jesus’s teaching again in different way without force and better understanding. Honestly as a Catholic, I didn’t know what Jesus said in the bible.

So two years ago, I started to read my dusty bible, which has been neglected for years. I try to understand every line of it (I have not finish reading all the books tho because I am lazy sometimes) and reflect it. I also try to implement it into my daily life even though I often find myself fail in implementing it.

So here I am being Christian again in different way. But back to my previous question without trying to say that I am righteous or holier than anyone, what I still don’t understand is why some preacher just don’t practice what they preach? Is it because our God is forgiving God that is why they don’t practice what they preach?

I guess there is something wrong with this wold!



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Notes: Let’s Talk About S.E.X

Let's buy sex toy [2014: E O]

Let’s buy sex toy [2014: E O]

Let’s talk about s.e.x and I will be blunt in this posting.

I don’t know if it is correct to say that our society are more confident to talk about money than to talk about s.e.x with our own family or friends. Or am I wrong?

Well, I think I am right.I often heard that it is taboo to talk about s.e.x in public whenever I attend discussion about reproductive system and right. And that statement has been proven to be true because I often find many of my friends avoiding to talk about s.e.x because they said it’s private.

Oh well… that sucks but understand. Despite the fact we live in modern world, our society are still traditional society. But what’s wrong talking about s.e.x beautiful people? “Hi how is your sex life?”

But thanks to all my gay friends and open-minded girl friends, who LOVE talking about s.e.x whenever we go out. We can giggle for hours talking about dicks, pussy, s.e.x position, guys, condom, s.e.x toys, size, orgasm or facial expression. As Indonesian, we also talk about why we choose to have s.e.x a French man or British man, Chinese man or African man, Javanese man or Balinese man.

Or we also talk about why we choose to hot guy with six pack abs and perfect round ass or skinny guy or even chubby guy. Or even why we want to have s.e.x with guy who has circumcised or non circumcised penis. Or how some guys with non circumcised penis can keep their dick clean and not smelly while some cannot? There are just a lot of things about s.e.x that we can talk about.

And yes… we don’t really talk about woman because we are women, who has no interest to have s.e.x with woman, and my friends are gay who love dicks also. (Many of my friends are gay and we are talking about penis most of the time, so bear with me readers! Take a deep breath!)

You know what honey? There are two factors what makes a man as a real man, their dick and their financial security. And it is hard to find the perfect one package even though he has an amazing personality.” one of my friend said.

“So you have to choose, whether a man who can bring food to the table and beautiful shoes to your wardrobe but cannot make you come or a man who can make you scream and come over and over again but cannot even give you a small diamond.” he went on.

I know it is hard to decide when love is involved. But always remember even though a man has a good heart but he is lame, doesn’t have big dick or the worst doesn’t know how to use their dick well and doesn’t have financial security. Then better forget about the man! What are you looking for from that man?! There are many amazing horses out there.” he added.

Well… I agree with you but the society will judge the woman as a slut, a whore or gold digger.” I answered.

Fuck em all! You have to love yourself first! How many people think that you are perfectly happy with everything that you have but who knows that you don’t have s.e.x life at all? You are pretty, sexy and smart, many guys want you! But always be careful, you don’t go around fire expecting not to sweat honey. Many disease out there!” He said.

Well, I met many people who ended up their marriage because of bad s.e.x life. So my question is now being can a marriage or relationship survive without s.e.x or intimacy?


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