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Photo: Husband Day Care Center


A Husband Day Care Centre in Ottawa, Canada

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Notes: My First Winter

Let it snow... let it snow... let it snow [2011: Oktofani]

Let it snow… let it snow… let it snow [2011: Oktofani]

It is 1 AM on Thursday, 16 December 2011. Even though I feel extremely sleepy, I cannot manage to sleep well. I guess, I am still jet leg after such a long flight from Jakarta – Hong Kong – Vancouver – Ottawa. It was 34 hours flight (including the transit, 8 hours in Hong Kong and 2 hours in Vancouver). It was the longest flight that I have ever taken after my trip to Kenya, East Africa in 2010.

‘Man, I am telling you that my body clock still tries to adapt the changing especially the time different and the weather.’

Anyhow, visiting my husband home country for the very first time, I would say that Canada appears as such an interesting country to get to know because there are many interesting old building and I am interested to get to know what is the story behind these buildings.

Other than that, it appears to me that there are so many immigrants coming from every corner of the earth. There are many African, Hispanic, Indian, Chinese, Arabic and Asian  faces, who works in many sectors. I remember that Ed’s dad used to tell me that Canada needs and wants immigrants but the good quality one i.e well educated and hard worker.

However, I actually cannot really say much about this place since I have only been here for three days and staying in Ottawa especially I am visiting Canada during the winter and it is not so easy for me to go from one neighborhood to another one as it is freezing cold. Apart from that, my camera got foggy whenever I want to take pictures.

It was cold in Ottawa but it was not freezing cold yet [2011: ER]

It was cold in Ottawa but it was not freezing cold yet [2011: ER]

Anyway, as a person, who comes from a tropical country, all I can say is WINTER SUCKS!  It is freezing cold! Even though I can experience myself with many different style of winter outfit (YAY! It’s time to shopping!) but I have to wear multi-layered winter outfit whenever I want to go out but ….  as soon as I enter a building, I feel stifling and want to take them off. It is hardly to keep yourself fashionable because it will not keep you warm. Ed has warned me.

But hi! Thanks to the winter sale because I could get 30 percent off for a proper winter coat, wool sweater and wool turtle neck at Armani Exchange and DKNY. [Noted: It is not about the brand but it is about getting a proper stuff then junk for winter]

The Parliament Building in Ottawa [2011: Oktofani]

The Parliament Building in Ottawa [2011: Oktofani]

Down town of Ottawa [2011: Oktofani]

Down town of Ottawa [2011: Oktofani]

If I have to describe this place, I would say that this is a cave because it is dark, cold and time passes by so slowly! But what kind of place to be lived in?! How can they survive? It actually really makes me thankful for being Indonesian, growing in Indonesia and able to enjoy sun nearly every day! God! I love the sun! I love sunny day!

Other than that, another issue that I have is I cannot get a prepaid SIM CARD, which honestly it is really frustrating me because I cannot communicate with the world with my gadget and must find a wi-fi whenever I want to use my phone. I understand that they might want to prevent the misused of a SIM CARD for a bad activity but they have to give a tourist a way to stay connect.

My couple Indonesian provider cannot be used here. My very bad provider XL cannot be used for blackberry service in Canada, my SIMPATI telkomsel cannot be used for the iPhone and iPad. Man, I am really dying to live without internet.

Anyway, instead of complaining about the situation, I just try to enjoy what the Canada offers and experience what I have never had before. I would say that I am (hardly) enjoying my first winter in Canada but fact is I am getting to use to with the cold weather now But one thing that I really wonder though, why does it time pass so slowly here? Well… I do not know exactly and I do not want to know!

All I want to know now is how I can sleep as it is 2 AM already and I feel exhausted! *yawning

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia [2011: oktofani]

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia [2011: oktofani]

The famous light house, Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia [2011: Oktofani]

The famous light house, Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia [2011: Oktofani]

Down town Ottawa [2011: Oktofani]

Down town Ottawa [2011: Oktofani]


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